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ENG101 Current Final Term paper 2021

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2 number k sawal tha us ma cause words underline krna tha

5 number k reflexive pronoun wli fill in the blanks 

3true false tha

Slang words sa related tha 3 marks k

Homonyms ki definition thi

Today ENG101 paper

MCQs were conceptual

( mainly on unity, fragment, coherence, topic sentence, concluding sentence, appropriate verb)

3 questions of 2 marks were on true false of characteristics of a good written paragraph and correction of verbs 

( run on, complete sentence and fragment words)

2 questions of 3 marks were on sentence fragment and complete sentence (true or false)

3 marks question on advice, possessive and compliment phrases 

5 mark essay on one of your fondest childhood memories.

A paragraph was given and you have to find the topic phrases 5 marks of each phrase

5 marks question on active and passive voice

Eng101 8 am today's paper

40 mcqs (jis mn se 25 to 30% mcqs repeated the )

2 Marks ke 4 question the

Jis mn

1.true false

2.Fill in the blanks

3.Choose the error in sentence

4. Identity whether the sentence is a Complete sentence or fragment

3 Marks ke 4 question the

1. T/F

2. Change into passive voice by using the correct verb

3. 3 methods used for organizing information

4. Pronoun antecedent

5 marks ke 4 question the

Jis mn se 3 sawal True/False ke the

Or ek sawal identity whether the sentences are comma splice or complete sentence.


Q. Define fragment sentence with example?

Q. Define dependent and independent clause?

Q. Fill the blank with suitable verb.(were was).

Q. fill in blank with as or like..

Q. identify sentence fragments..

Q. select true or false statements

Q. concept of cause and effect/comparison and contrast/..

Q. what essay structural unit ?

Q. rearrange the sentences?

Q. Fill in the blanks with suitable words..

Mera tha aj eng101 ka paper 

Grammar portion kafi tha 30 mcqs thy aur 9 questions thy 

Long 5 marks ka unity of paragraph aya tha 

5 marks k preposition aye thi 

5 future tense k true false thy 

2 marks k organization method of essay 

2 marks k transition words thy 

3 marks k run on sentence thy

Eng101 paper   

Mostly mcqs sentences fragment or tenses the  20%repeated the 

Comma splice or fused sentence error find krna tha  3 marks ka

Eng101 ky paper 

grammar achy sy prepare kren dependent sentence fragment sentence, comma splice, content words or essay topic basic ha

Eng101 2:30pm

Fused sentence or tenses ka acha khasa portion tha mcqs mein. 

Present participle ki def thi.

Chronological order ki def thi. 

Coherent sy related sentence ka order theek krna tha. 

Or sub type mein 

Paragraphs (100-130) words

Do childern learn from the behavior of adults.

Difficult decision you had to make.

Eng101 final term first time

Bilkul a one 👌🏻

Almost 70% past say aaya tha 20 mcqs thy or 10 fill in the blanks all about articles or comma splice or complete sentence


1Write five elements of a well-written paragraph (5) 

2 write three elements of a paragraph (3)

3 differentiate between cause and effect?(2)

Two change into passive voice thy (2)

5 correct comma splice or complete sentence (5) 

4 correct expression thy

(Making production' complaining about making invitation ‘giving an opinion)

Eng101 today paper.

32 mcqs aye bht easy past paper se

3 long aye 5 number k

i. Write a paragraph on climbers, 

ii. Write paragraph on education is the powerful weapon which you use to change the world 

iii. adjectives likhny thy sentence me se

5 short thy.

i. What is comma splices

ii. Identify correct spelling of some words

iii. Identify the sentence which has comma splices

iv. true false

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