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ENG201 Current Final Term Paper 2021

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Eng201 Questions (Paper 1)

Define Visual Aids 2 marks

What do you understand about 'claim' in business English 2 marks

Rules for writing Bad-news message 3 marks

Briefly explain the content of slides in oral presentation 3 marks

True False(handouts) 3 marks

True False(handouts) 3 marks

How can you make your presentation more interesting and effective? 5 marks

Empirical research report 5 fill in the blanks 5 marks

Turn sentences from active into passive 10 marks

5 same sentences (different punctuation) ???True False 10 MARKS

ENG201 current paper | 12-09-2020 (Paper 2)

1.different b/w good and bad news.

2.define fused sentence with e.g

3.true false Wala ak question that

4.fill in the blanks Wala tha ak question

5.Mostly visual aids waly say howy thy

6.good reports 

7.presentation wala or visual aids Wala in mese mostly thy rr mcqs bhi in do topic se ziada aay hovy thy

8.symbol of codon Wala question Aya tha

(Paper 3)

Abbreviation pochi 5 

True false k 2 question 5 marks

2 me word put krny thy 3 marks 

Punctuation correct krni thi 5 marks.

Ik senstence pocha tha 3 marks 

Title pocha paragraph ka 3 marks 

Or ik definition pochi thi 3 marks 

Mcqs me flow char wely thy 

Presentation wely or business writting k brye thye

Guys ye visual aids to lzmi kren hr paper ma dia hua and fasle true ka method b prepare kren or punctuation ko b view kr lna ek br paper deny sy pehly

Today my eng201 paper (Paper 4)

Hardware functional specifications (5) marks, wind up effective meeting (5), visual aids (5), or 1 question true false thy 5 marks k mcqs thory tough thy or short questions easy thy

ENG201 Today paper 5


1. In which of the following bars are replaced by drawings that represent the thing 



2. How many a progress reports in a year is made?

Two not sure

3. Which of the following aspect represents a series of events that tells the reader what happened?


4. Way to collect primary data are:

Documentary evidence and historical records

5. Unabridged

Dictionaries are used for:

differences between American English 

and British English spelling.

6. How many elements in superstructure of feasibility report?


8. That are not included in proposal:

Solution,cost, problem and conclusion.

And: conclusion

9. visual aids present information:


10. The chief _ of the pictograph is that it uses drawings to symbolize…


ENG201 current paper 6

biased language and its categories

true false

true false

fill in the blanks

fill in tha blank

acronyms and its examples

three functions of formal report

three ules of capatalization

define capaptalization and two rules of capatalization

eng201 today paper 7

mujay true false zayada questions aya tha 5 number may long may blnak fill bhi aya thy 5 number ky short may glossary 2 marks ka or flow chart cause and effect 3 marks ka pronoun three case 3 marks ka or ik blnak fill may 5 marks ye aya tha most writer always include literature review in report thy write for professional journals blnak fill may just name batna tha wo literature review tha bs 5 marks ka 2 marks ka how to construct table most important chapters including lesson 32 33 23 24 last two most important topics please past papers Na kro paper Sara book say aya ha cgpa achi bni ha too 23 say 45 tk sary lecture tayar kr ky Jana paper ap bohat acha ho ga. or mcq most financial safication design safication test safication or yad nahi ha #

Today my eng201 paper 8

Hardware functional specifications (5) marks, wind up effective meeting (5), visual aids (5), or 1 question true false thy 5 marks k mcqs thory tough thy or short questions easy thy

Eng201 8:am Paper 9


1present indifinet

Punctuation 3

Pictoghrap kis ki type ans barghraph

Pictoghrap ki daffination 

Simecolon ki daffination 

T/F Mark the feasibility report topic 5 mark 

T/Empirical report 3 mark 

Establish credibility. 

Instructions background information 

Use hyphen 3

Appendix sy related msqs

Today's ppr eng201

mcqs mostly past pprs m s aye the 

5 marks k active passive voice 

5 marks k Fill in the blanks report writing k topic m s

3 marks k any uses of bar graph 

2 marks k fill in the blanks empirical research report k topic m s

5 marks k define krne the cause and effects

Eng201 paper 10

*Abbreviation pochi 5 

True false k 2 question 5 marks*

2 me word put krn-y thy 3 marks 

Punctuation correct krni thi 5 marks.

Ik senstence pocha tha 3 marks 

Title pocha paragraph ka 3 marks 

Or ik definition pochi thi 3 marks 

Mcqs me flow char wely thy 

Presentation wely or business writting k brye

Eng 201 ka paper 

aj tru false tha ak 2 number ka or ak 3 number ka tru false or ak 5 number Tru false.   Or ak question tha jis ma sentence ko arrange krna tha baki 3 thy jis ma ak long question procedure of proposal report sirf 5 name btany thy bus or shirt ma terminal section k 3 name btany thy ak or tha os k bhi 3 name btany thy bus paper total simple tha

 Ap sb definition ko dakh lo sirf MCQs or trus false ma faida dy gi

Baki wo reports dakh report k agy jo un k bachy ha children wo yaad rakho un k name hi pochty ha bus

Steps of persuasive messages

Phases of meeting

Bibliography Vs index

Visual aids (bar graph, pictographs)

What is the shape of period (.)

Fill in the blanks with appropriate words...

Just read the handouts thoroughly, don't miss to read them.

 Recommendation grow out of conclusion The tree is deep rooted in the earth.


Aik ye question tha

Punctuation krni thi

Normal English thi, jo hm school me read or teach krty aye hain

 I can see only the one thing in that house: the broken windows.

12. Eng201 paper 

Date: 08-05-2021

1) write two functions of hyphen.

2) True/false topic writers block.

i) A poorly defined purpose of your communication will inevitably make writing more difficult.(True)

ii) Audience analysis that is performed poorly or not at all can be the source of writer’s block.(True)

iii) Lack of confidence in your abilities as a writer is a common factor of writer’s block, and it is 

usually self-fulfilling.(True)

3) Identify which types of sentence given below.

i) Establish a series of events that tells the reader what happened. (Naration)

ii) Use in paragraphs to develop sequences (Process)

iii) Use to explain one object or process in terms of another.(Analogy)

Eng 201 Final term paper

1. (Impromptu)ka ek mcqs aya howa tha

2. Outsider letter kn sa hota hai ans letter

3. No 2 wela mcqs again aya howa tha.. 

4. Kn sa letter used hota hai pta nh kis chiz k liye ans recommendation letter.. Ye dekh lo kya hota hai.. 

5.problem during Editing?

Is ka ans btadu? 

6. Sensing, interpreting, evaluating, repres ,and meas are used for what ans listening 

7. Letter of desh used for ( gathering specific information ans claim or inquiry m sy ek h? 

8. Phr same as 7 thora alag letter of inquiry used for? ..... Ans... (specific information) not sure.. 

9. Business letters (kya hota hai)

10. Result of market research ans (functional) chk also

11. Sensing, evaluating interpreting are ans effective listening ..

12. Finding of the investigation is? ans recommendation asi kuxh tha

13. Convential super station contain..... Element 

Option a) 3 b) 5 c) 7 

ans b 5

14. Teachinal documents asi kuch tha ans shyd beginning kuch tha

15.assiging no in a text is...? ...(enumeration) not sure 

16. Length to used functiin asi kuxh tha 

17.Bakhi visual aids k kafi mcqs thy like bar 

18. Correct sentence 2 mcqs thy 

19. Why we used unabridge dictionary 

A) For American word

B) For British word

C) both

D) for searching word 

Its D ans

Short question

20. 2 eg of prefixes 1 multi.. 2... Anti 

ans multi-ple, milti-talented........ Anti-virus... Anti- search on net( 2 marks) 

21. Why we used 'end notation ' (2 marks)

22. T/f (2 marks) 

23. T/f (3 marks) 

24. 3 sentence used told or said (3 marks) 

25. Why we used hypens? (3 marks) 

26. 5 steps for business (5 marks)

27. Steps for organizing report... 1..sequential,.........,.........geographical,............

ans chronology , spatially and categorically (3 or 5 marks) 

28. Your conclusion are your overallVu assessments (chk handout) if your conclusion is valid so what should we do? (5 marks)

29. Choose tha best ans 2 options deye howe thy

30. Same 29 question but 3 sentence are given


Vague language concrete language 5 

5 uses of semicolon

5 fill in the blanks

5 true false visual aids m sy

3 true false

3 sentences ki sahi form lgani thi

Mcqs m my to files ki Ni book m st e thy and visual aids k topic m sy mcqs b ay

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