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ENG502 Current Final Term Paper 2021

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Eng 502..   date 2march

Short questions

formal and informal discourse

socio-culture context 

surface structure

motor cortex

protypical dictionary

Long  questions



brown and yule "text as a functional "

ENG 502. 

11 mcqz file Sy thy direct spech act wala question tha applied linguistic .difrnce between formal and informal .motor cortex and it's role in paralinguistic. Dictionaries users 3 k name likhain

Eng 502 ppr

McQs Saray conceptual thay or questions simple hi thay 

What do you mean by coherence? (3) 

Time deixis ( 3)

Neurolinguistics (3)

Socio-culture context (5) 

Communicative competence (5) 

Babbing , one-word stage,two word stage in ka duration btana tha (3) 

Eng 502 

Ic analysis  

Applied linguistics in Japan 

Diff between multi and bilingualism 

Babbling waly point se blanks 

Talk and conversation

Additive Bilingualism, Action Research, Facilitation Reacher how it facilitated teachers and researchers, Honey and Maferd types of learning Styles, Indirect Strategies, Characteristic of Teaching using Krashen Model, Activity to be designed Affective Strategies based on a video in lectures.

Direct speech act + wave model + what is an agent + surface structure rules +stages of child development + discourse

Eng 502...

 Note on Prototype (3)

Fill in the blanks thin (3)

Note on Holophrastic...(5)

Perspective and assumption of critical social theory...(5)

Dfrnc between bilingualism and multilingualism.

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