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ENG503 Current Final Term Paper 2021

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ENG 503

Today's Paper

March 2, 2021

Total time 90 Minutes

Total marks 60 

MCQs 30 

Short Questions of 3 marks were 5 

Long Questions of 5 marks were 3 

Which means 

MCQs 30 marks 

Short questions 15 marks 

Long Questions 15 marks 


️ MCQs

MCQs 25+ MCQs out of 30 was from past files only 2 or 3 from Handouts

️ Short questions

1)  Write any three Approaches of need analysis just names?

2) How does Cheating effects individual and group learning? 

3) What  Critical Period Hypothesis says about the age factor in language learning. ? 

4) What is code-switching? 

5) What are the factors of fiction Writing explain any two of them?

️ Long Questions

1) What factors affect teachers and their roles Explain any five? 

2) Write any three features of deductive …

Eng503 paper. 

Answers are in brackets. Total 38 questions 


ESP( eng for specified purposes)  CALL (computer assisted lan learning, ICLE (international corpus of learner English) full forms (3 mcqs) 

Which corpora isn't fixed (reference corpora)

Planning and preparation my overlap with (incubation)

According to searle, how many speech acts are there (5)

Getting students interested in subject ...... handouts pg 170 topic 178 (to engage) 

Elt full form (eng language teaching)

Call was coined in (1980)

  Allows teachers and program administrators to make decisions about the 

worth or value of different aspects of the curriculum (Summative evaluation)

Punishment is (the penalty for wrongdoing) 

 Short : 

Define lesson and lesson planning

Define curriculum development 

3 deixis 

3 facets of speech acts (elocutionary, illocutionary,pre elocutionary) 


Prescriptive rule vs descriptive rule

Define intonation 

3 creative nonfiction genres


 6 factors of elt research growth

English status in Pakistan 

6 reasons for code-switching 

Differences in controlled and free practice 

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Past Papers shared by VU Answer or Students.

We Shared only to get an Idea and Prepare these important questions or MCQs about final term papers.

Current Paper and Important thoughts are recommended there will be higher chance to ask for exams in repeated questions. 

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