MGT211 Current Final Term Paper 2021 - VU Current Paper

MGT211 Current Final Term Paper 2021

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MGT 211

Full paper Handouts s Aaya hoya tha

Past ma s ak MCQs or ak long Aaya tha.

1) diff b/W license brand & national Brank 

2) sales promotion

3)prevention cost k related tha

4) Breakeven point

5)Distribution Mix 5 marks

6)wholesale and retailers 5 marks

7)ABC company paid prevision cost on Designing product to avoid low quality in product, u required to illustrate the factor of prevention cost. 5 marks

Ya last wala long past paper s aaya hoya tha.

Mgt 211 (7:30 am) 27 Feb

Total 39 questions. Time 90 mints

32 MCQs

3 marks question=3

1.Diff b/w tangible and intangible products

2. Modes used in advertising media

3.enlist quality control system component

5 marks question=4

1. Describe maturity stage

2. Enlist factors for promotional tools

3. Explain different forms of product.

4. Describe components of total quality management used by hrm to develop employee personality

Mgt211 2:30 pm 27-2-21

Long 4 thy

1. External environment pe advantage disadvantages 

2. Personal selling ko describe krni thi uski branches

3. Layout ki branches batana thi.

4. Market mixing

Short me

1.Intagible and tangible differences

2. Enlist krna tha quality assurance.

3. Sawal ek ye aya e-commerce k manager hoty tou kese manage krty

MGT211 27/02/2021 @ 6:30pm

Mcqs was from past papers 


1. Difference between product and productivity

2. Difference between marketing & selling.

3. How to get back from the decline stage

4. Best combination of promotional tools

5. Describe why the growth stage is star stage 

6. Difference between persuasive and comparative advertisement

Mgt211 27-2-21

Total 33 objectives and 6 subjective questions


MCQs were mostly from recent quiz


1.which activities are done by the company to get products to customers. (3 number)

2.Difference between publicity and public relations (3 number)

3.Difference between internal cost and external cost (5 number)

4.Activities in Market segmentation (5 number)

5.How many types of costs (3 number)

6.Enlist internal failure cost and external failure cost (5 number)

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We Shared only to get an Idea and Prepare these important questions or MCQs about final term papers.

Current Paper and Important thoughts are recommended there will be higher chance to ask for exams in repeated questions. 

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