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MGT301 Current Final Term Paper 2021

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Mgt301 today paper 9.30

Ppt slides sy aye MCQs line extension k 4 m mcqs aye 

Geographic photographic k MCQs aye 

Phsolograpic k definition 

Distribution long ma aya 

Type of product short m

Mass media long ma price ki definition

Mgt301 today paper

1. Differentiate b/w geographic segmentation and demographic segmentation.

2. To identify the segmentation strategy in the given scenario and explain.

3.Types of consumer products and explain with an example.

4.objectives of marketing communication.

5.Explain different ways of allocating budget for advertisement.

6.What is product stewardship in environmentalism. How it can contribute to the betterment of the environment.


Q1 psychosexual segmentation deference b/w behavioral segmentation 

Q2 three types of distribution 

Q3 four characteristics of service 

4 four important concepts of product mix decisions 

5 consumer products 

6 deference b / w psychographic segmentation behavioral segmentation


1. Enlist 3 objectives of communication marketing

2. Types of vertical marketing & explain

3. Factors that affect product pricing

4. Psychographic & behavior segmentation

5. Enlist flow of channel members 

6. Consumer shifting to the digital world gives 2 reasons

7. Suzuki has a different brand of cars and motorbikes. Which target strategy they will use explained

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