MTH101 Current Final Term Paper 2021 - VU Current Papers

MTH101 Current Final Term Paper 2021

VU Answer Providing MTH101 Current Final Term Paper 2021. Most Important and Useful MTH101 Current Paper 2021. Easy to See and Download MTH101 Paper.


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Today my mth101 paper

1 Q find the slope

1Q find work done

2 Q Integration by substitution

1 Q sigma notation Wala tha

1 Q use cylindrical shell find the volume

1Q use cylindrical shell find the area

1 Q discuss difference between [-1,0](1,0]. Is mn ik graph bna howa thaa 

McQ mostly convergent or divergent waly thy

LEC 44 mn sy 3 McQ thy 

Or 1 McQ Maclaurin mn sy tha 

Is k ilawa integration mn sy bi thy mcq

Mid waly syllabus m sy aik short aya tha,  last 5 topics m sy Zaida mcqs or sab questions thy.

Mth101 ka  Paper

Aj mera math101 ka paper tha jis me

Sigma notation 


Convergent and divergent series

Definite integral 

(Find x value ye mid se tha and find distance) 

Surface area find

Cylindrical shell 

Tylor and meclaren series ye objective me thi 


Math type ki zyada se zyada practice kren paper ata b ho to speed slow ki wja se masla bn jata h so math type ki bohat practice kren 

mth101 paper 28 feb 2021 9:30

Mcqs 70% Past papers se aye 

Subjective bhi zyada mushkil ni thy bs practice ho to krskta hai bnda or subjective m improper integral integration definite integral L-hopitals limits area volume waly question aye thy


MCQs past papers mn thy mostly

Ek question ki integration karni thi , first fundamental therom sy ek long solve karna tha , maclaurian series sy ek long solve karna tha


Left endpoint or right endpoint short questions.  Orr ek sigma wala question tha ab yad nahi


 Mcqs almost sab ky sab past paper mn sy thy. .. 

Integration men sy 4 question thyy... 

Tylor series ..

converge series ..

volume cylindrical shell ...  

work done .. 

Fundamental theorem verify krna tha ... 

30 MCQs thy, 9 question thy ...

mathtype ki practice kr ky jayen warna time kam hai

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We Shared only to get an Idea and Prepare these important questions or MCQs about final term papers.

Current Paper and Important thoughts are recommended there will be higher chance to ask for exams in repeated questions. 

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