MTH603 Current Final Term Paper 2021 - VU Current Papers

MTH603 Current Final Term Paper 2021

VU Answer Providing MTH603 Current Final Term Paper 2021. Most Important and Useful MTH603 Current Paper 2021. Easy to See and Download MTH603 Paper.


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Mth603 imp topics

Forward-backward & central difference important

Lagrange’s Interpolation formula, Divided Differences, Lagrange’s Interpolation formula, in k formula achay sy kr lyn

lecture 32, 33,34


Euler Method

(Runge-Kutta Method)

Richardson’s Extrapolation Method

MTH603 today's paper at 9:30

Total 39 questions,

30 MCQs and 9 subjective

Mcqs was from past papers.

subjective part

1 Question Euler method,

2 questions from Simpson's rule,

1 question from Lagrange interpolation

2 questions from the Runge Kutta method

1 question from the Trapezoidal rule.

MTH603 paper

2 questions from Simpson's 1/3 of 5,5 Mark's

Lagranges 5 marks

Range Kutta method 4th rule 5 Mark's

Range Kutta k1 definition 2 Mark's

Derivation 3 questions of 2,2,3 Mark's

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