BIF501 Bioinformatics Part 2 Quiz Solved - VU Answer

Bioinformatics 2 Quiz Solved. Recent BIF501 Quiz 1 Solution for Help in Studies or Exams and Improve Knowledge or Learning Skills. Also, Get PDF File Given Below.

BIF501 Bioinformatics Quiz 1 Solution Answer

BIF501 - Bioinformatics II QUIZ 1 SOLVED

1. Bypass is a type of ………………. algorithm. Branch and Bound

2. Systic fibrosis gene is found on chromosome number. 7

3. Consensus score is defined as. Score (s,DNA)

4. Exception to the central dogma comes after the discovery of. Retroviruses

5. Gene rearrangement result in change of gene. order

6. Regulatory motif are generally found in. Promoter region of DNA

7. Which one is the basic step. Transcription

8. Exonic region contain only of total DNA.  2%

9. RNA –DNA—RNA –protein is process occur in. Retroviruses

10. Motif facilitate for binding. Transcription Factors

11. Median string problem in one of the ways to find Motif

12. Simple Motif Search Algorithm is based on. Branch and Bound

13. Protein is extracted from. mRNA

14. We get the best and more occurring residual sequence called as. Consensus sequence

15. Next vertex algorithm provides as an output.. Efficient

16. Chimera is used for. Visualization and Editing

17. Warrensburg’s syndrome is a genetic disorder in. Human

18. Restriction enzyme break DNA molecule at. Specific location

19. Motifs are found in. Protein

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