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Ecology, Biodiversity and Evolution II Quiz Solved. Recent BT201 Quiz 1 Solution for Help in Studies or Exams and Improve Knowledge or Learning Skills. Also, Get PDF File Given Below.

BT201 Quiz 1 Solution Answer


1. Signal sensors detects ------- in genome annotation.

a)  Start Codon

b) Codon usage

c) Similarity between proteins from closely related organisms

d) Reference genome

2. Cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator gene consists of--------- kilobase pair.

a) 195

b) 150

c) 250

d) 230  

3. Poly-A signal is detected by --------- bioinformatics software.

a) Similarity detection

b) Signal Sensor

c) Non-sense detection

d) Content sensor

4.  Sea squirt is a model and belongs to a group, the ------

 a) Cyclostomes

 b) Urochordata

 c) Appendicularia

 d) Ascidiacea

5. Signal sensors detects ------- in a genome annotation.

 a) Poly-A signal

 b) mRNA from the same organism

c) None 

d) Reference genome

6. The complete and published genome of Entamoeba by June 2005.

a) 99

b) 26

c) 1

d) 67

7. The study of transcriptomes is a part of ------- genome.

a) Eco

b) Pre

c) Functional 

d) Meta

8. The complete and published genomes of archaea by June 2005.

a) 71

b) 93

c) 44

d) 21

9. The complete and published genomes of Pisces by June 2005.

a) 01

b) 03

c) 122

d) 102

10. -------- is a genomic model because it produces surfactants.

a) S.aureus

b) E.coli

c) B.anthracis

d) A. borkumensis

11. Content sensor detects ------ in genome annotation.

 a) Reference genome

 b) TATA Box

 c) Stop codon 

 d) G+C content 

12. The complete and published genomes in total by June 2005 was.

a) 211

b) 279

c) 245

d) 395

13. The complete and published genomes of fungi by June 2005.

a) 55

b) 22

c) 14

d) 58

14. Content sensor does not detect ------ in genome annotation.

a) mRNA

b) G+C content 

c) Codon usage

d) Di-codon frequency

15. Who is not a model organism.

a) mouse

b) Honey bee

c) drosophila

d) C.Elegans

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