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BT301 Introduction to Biotechnology Quiz 1 Solution Answer


1. The bond exist between Cytosine and Guanine is ---------

a) Single bond

b) Double bond 

c) Triple bond 

d) None of the these

2. In 1676, --------- observed water closely and observed tiny microscope single celled organisms.

a) Robert Koch

b) Edward Jenner 

c) Anton Van Leeuwenhoek

d) Louis Pasteur

3. The branch of biotechnology concerned with the development of innovative drugs and treatment is called ------

a) White Biotechnology 

b) Blue Biotechnology 

c) Red Biotechnology 

d) Green Biotechnology 

4. Which of the following are not the components of RNA.

a) Adenine

b) Thymine 

c) Cytosine

d) Guanine

5. The length of one turn of DNA is ---------

a) 3.4 A

b) 34 A

c) 20 A

d) 24 A

6. The sugar molecule in a nucleotide is ----------

a) Triose 

b) Tet rose 

c) Pentose 

d) Hexose

7. Adjacent nucleotide are joined together by ----------

a) Covalent bond

b) Phosphodiester bond 

c) Ionic bond

d) Peptide bond

8. In 1893, the industrial production of citric acid took place using ---------

a) Aspergillus flavus 

b) Aspergillus niger

c) Aspergillus fumigatus 

d) Aspergillus nidulans

9. The use of salt for the preservation of food specially meat started in ------

a) 300 BC

b) 400 BC

c) 500 BC

d) 600 BC

10. Freckles are controlled primarily by the single ----------- gene.


b) MC1R

c) BRCA1

d) PKD1

11. The building blocks of nucleic acids are --------

a) Nucleotides

b) Nucleoside

c) Amino Acids

d) Histone

12. A -------- Woman named Claudia Costillo was the first to get her trachea replaced which was made her own cells.

a) German 

b) French 

c) Australian

d) Colombian

13. In early 1950s high-quality X-ray diffraction photographs of DNA suggested the DNA being a double helix and composed of two nucleotide strands. Who took those photographs?

a) Rosalind Franklin

b) William Asbury 

c) Francis H. Crick and James D. Watson 

d) Rosalind Franklin and Maurice Wilkins

14. Sumerians & Babylonians used anaerobic respiration of yeast to make beer in ------

a) 3000 BC

b) 4000 BC

c) 5000 BC

d) 6000 BC

15. Genetic mutation occurs in ------

a) Proteins 

b) DNA

c) RNA

d) Nucleus

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