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BT401 Genetic Resources and Conservation Quiz 1 Solution Answer


1. The activity of keeping animals or plants in order to produce animals or plants is called Breeding 

2. Genetic resources for food, agriculture and forestry include Both wild species and domesticated forms

3. Maintenance of ecosystem is main goal of conserve ------ resources Genetic

4.   is the process of protecting an endangered species by placing in an artificial environment. Ex situ

5.   lines/ populations developed in breeding programs have narrow genetic base and often contain valuable gene combination Breeding

6. A phenomenon occurring during prophase | of meiosis is Crossing over

7. The varieties which were developed by systematic breeding effort. were once commercially cultivated but are no more grown are called obsolete

8.   is used for plant varieties that usually breed through self-

pollination Line breeding

9. The areas of great genetic diversity are protected from human interference are known as. Gene Sanctuary

10. Sum total of all hereditary material that can be used to maintain plant and animal breeding is called Germplasm

11. Scientific name of house cat is. Felis catus

12.                       are plant or population having unique valuable germplasm which are generated Genetic stocks

13. Genetic material is functional units of heredity

14. Increasing genetic diversity interprets daughter chromosomes contain genes from___ both parents 

15. Resources have to be maintained in such a state that it minimizes the risk of loss and allow either its plants genetic resources conservation

16. Domesticated animals’ resources are important due to reasons. All of them 

17. PGR is abbreviation of plant genetic resources

18. Crossing over is Exchange of segments between chromosomes section

19. NCCP stands for Natural cultural collection of Pakistan

20. IBPGR stand for international board of plant genetic resource

21. Gene bank is the type of Ex Situ conservation

22. According to FAQ species of mollusk are 85000

23. Conservation of plant genetic resource is necessary for All of them

24. The global strategy for plant conservation GSPC is a program to save the world plant founded in 1999

25. The plant that grows spontaneously in self-maintaining populations in natural or semi-natural ecosystems and can exist independently.” Are called wild plant

26. Total area of major pulse crop in Pakistan 1.5m hectares

27. Plant diversity is urgently & effectively conserved is an objective of GSPC

28. Which disease spread due to consuming mercury poisoned fishes by people ____ MINAMATA disease 

29. is an interdisciplinary subfield that aims to understand the dynamics Genetic conservation

30. Ex-Hepatin an                           is used to control clots in blood, is obtained from Ox lungs anti-coagulant

31. Tiger’s claw is another name for Coral tree plant

32. The combination of all the genes presents in a given population is called the___ Gene pool

33. The article no says that “The Contracting parties shall develop and maintain appropriate policy and legal measures to promote the sustainable use of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture” Article 6

34. Animal genetic resources refereed as All

35.   % of the total land of Pakistan is covered by covering vegetables is 75%

36. Sharp lowering of population gene pool is called? Bottleneck effect

37. ‘The Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC) is a program of the UN's Convention on -----diversity founded in 1999 Biological

38. National parks are the examples of conservation In Situ

39. Genetic stocks can be divided into general groups. 3

40. Out of total global population of Markhor number is found in Pakistan 1500

41. The term mycorrhiza refers to the role of the                     in the plant’s rhizosphere, its root system Fungus

42. Scientific name of wild horse is Equus ferus 

43. conservation means the conservation of ecosystems and natural habitats and the maintenance and recovery of viable populations of species in their natural surroundings In situ

44. ABSA is abbreviation of access and benefit sharing agreement.

45. The diversity of life on earth is essential to the survival of humanity

46. A phenomenon occurring during prophase | of meiosis is: Crossing over

47.   could be called as genetic resource Germplasm

48. Resources are classified into ___ Types 3

49. The term animal genetic resources (AnGR) is used to include all animal species, breeds and strains

50. Aquatic genetic resources include all genetic resources living in: water

51. A species of plant or animal that is in immediate danger of becoming extinct and needs protection to survive is called Endangered species

52. Plant genetic resources are used by farmers and scientists as the raw material for Breeding new plant varieties and in biotechnology

53.                  broadly defined as plants or population generated and/or selected for gene Genetic stocks

54. A concrete plan of action especially designed to achieve concrete goals is called strategy

55. Peste des petits ruminants also known as. Sheep & goat plague

56. Woody plants like trees have a             genetic diversity than vascular plants like grasses High

57. In ecosystem microorganisms are important for the reason All given

58.   are the link from generation to generation of all living matter Genes

59. The strategy of GSPC seeks to half the continuing loss of diversity Plant

60.   are the areas of terrestrial and coastal ecosystems promoting solution to resolve Biosphere reserve

61. Other species of crops are derived from Wild crops

62. Natural and cultural heritage protected permanently by In Situ conservation

63. MINAMATA disease was spread due to consuming    poisoned fishes by people. Mercury

64. The special about agricultural genetic resources are All of them

65. The transfer of genes from parents to offspring is called Vertical genetic transfe

66. The global strategy for plant conservation (GSPC) is useful for plant conservation 

67. Living genetic resources such as seed or tissue that are maintained for the purpose off animal and plant breeding are called germplasm

68. Issues such as predation and hunting can be monitored and managed more easily by conservation. Ex Situ

69. Alarming situation of the earth can be measured by species endangered

70. Direct and indirect impact of human on environment is termed as Anthropogenic effect

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