BT406 Research Methodology and Skill Enhancement Quiz 1 Solved - VU Answer

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bt406 research methodology and skill enhancement Quiz 1 Solution Answer


1. Moving up the ladder of abstraction, the basic concept becomes more abstract, wider in scope, and less -----------

a)  Susceptible to measurement 

b) Empirical

c) Identifiable 

d) Predictable

2. Difference between formative evaluation and summative evaluation is ---------.

a) Built-in monitoring and continuous monitoring 

b) Built-in monitoring and final outcome report 

c) Only final monitoring report

d) Initial monitoring report and final outcome report

3. The first image that comes to your mind when you hear the word Soft sciences is -------

a) Test tubes, computers, rocket ships, and people in white lab coats

b) To deal with the physical and material world

c) Use of microscopes, telescopes and spaceships

d) Study of peoples

4. Study of research methods provide you the knowledge and skills you need to analyze a problem and find a solution accordingly.

a) strongly nt 

b) moderately not

c) no

d) yes

5. Scientific research is used for -------

a) Improvement of public health

b) All of the above

c) Sell products

d) Reduction of crimes

6. Research may help in:

a) All of the above

b) Asking questions

c) Analyze experimental data

d) Work in the laboratory

7. If you are given a topic for research, the first step is:

a) Literature review 

b) Result preparation

c) Thinking the reason (Hypothesis)

d) Discussion

8.  -------- is an important characteristics of scientific method in which researcher tries to narrow down the number of reasons in such a way that some action could be taken.

a) Empirical

b) Statistical Generalization

c) Verifiable

d) Deterministic

9. Proposition are statements that are concerned with the ------- relationship among concepts.

a) Logical

b) Essential

c) True

d) False

10. Research designed to describe characteristics of the phenomenon under study is ----------.

a) Descriptive 

b) Exploratory 

c) Formulative 

d) Explanatory

11. Science is a way to produce knowledge , which could be -----------

a) based on truth and probably to be universal

b) based on experiments and probably to be true

c) based only on surveys

d) based on mythological theories and believed by everyone

12. Which is not a type of applied research.

a) Explanatory Research 

b) Action research 

c) Evaluation research 

d) impact assessment research

13. Since theory summarizes the known facts are predicts facts which have not been observed, it must also point to ---------

a) Good results of an experiment 

b) Areas which are discussed in detail 

c) Areas that have not yet been explored

d) Areas of concept development 

14. Focus should be made on that kind of applied research that should have --------

a) Immediate practical use 

b) Stimulate new ways of thinking

c) Given new theories and principals

15. Proposition is a statement concerned with the ------- relationships among concepts.

a) All of these 

b) Statistical

c) Illogical

d) Logical

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