CHE301 Analytical Chemistry and Instrumentation Quiz 1 Solved - VU Answer

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CHE301 Analytical Chemistry and Instrumentation Quiz no 1 Solution Answer


1. Potassium gives ____ flame color in flame photometry.

a) Lime green

b) Yellow

c) Red

d) Violet

2. If lots of variability found in a particular sampling then we need a ___ sampling.

a) Variant

b) Grab

c) Composite

d) Specific

3. Error-free data is called ___.

a) Accurate

b) Random

c) Collective

d) Clear

4. Chemical analysis includes any aspect of the chemical characterization of a ___ material.

a) Proposed 

b) Conserved

c) Random

d) Sample

5. Barium gives ___ flames color in flame photometry.

a) Lime green

b) Red

c) Yellow

d) Violet

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6. In Beer lambert’s law, I represents ___.

a) Incident light

b) Path length

c) Both a and b

d) Transmittance light

7. To separate liquid or solid sample between two immiscible liquids is called ___.

a) Sublimation

b) Chromatography

c) Filtration

d) Solvent extraction

8. Lithium gives ___ flame color in flame photometry.

a) Red

b) Lime green

c) Violet

d) Yellow

9. Sublimation is used to separate solid from ___?

a) gas

b) semi-solid

c) solids

d) liquid

10. An ___ component (in clinical chemistry) or chemical species, is a substance or chemical constituent that is of interest in an analytical procedure.

a) Matrix

b) Compound

c) Analyte

d) Sample

11. ___ is used to separate soluble solid from liquid sample.

a) Solid-phase extraction

b) Sublimation

c) Filtration

d) Solvent extraction

12. In rounding a number ending in 5, always around so that the result ends with an ___ number.

a) odd

b) decreased

c) zero

d) Even

13. A check sheet is important in performing?

a) Stratification

b) Calibration 

c) rounding off data

d) result calculation

14. ____ is basic instrument found in food and drug analysis laboratories.

a) Chromatography

b) UV Spectroscopy

c) Solvent Extraction 

d) IR Spectroscopy

15. The Lifeline of a heart patient as appeared in ECG is random movement. The linearity means?

a) Survival

b) Heart attack 

c) Death

d) Cancer

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