CS314 Introduction to Cellular Networks Quiz 1 Solved - VU Answer

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CS314 Introduction to Cellular Networks Quiz no 1 Solved Answer


1. The performance of HSDPA depends on which of the following factors?

a) Channel conditions

b) Terminal performance

c) Nature and accuracy of radio resources management

d) All of the given options

2. Which of the following releases of 3OPP provided support for High-Speed Uplink Packet Access in WCDMA?

a) Release 3

b) Release 4

c) Release 5

d) Release 6

3. First major milestone for WCDMA was released in ___.

a) 1997

b) 1998

c) 1999

d) 2000

4. Standard for communication used by UMTS is ___.

a) IMT-2000

b) CDMA-2k

c) GSM-1800

d) GSM

5. EDGE stands for ___.

a) Enhance data rates for GSM evolution

b) Easier data rate for GSM evolution

c) Electric data rate for GSM evolution

d) Expected data rate for GSM evolution

6. In EDGE network we use ____ different modulation schemes to provide different throughput.

a) 6

b) 7

c) 8

d) 9

7. The payload of MCS 3 has maximum size ____ octets.

a) 27

b) 37

c) 47

d) 17

8. MCS-8 provides the data rate which is ___.

a) 49.4 kbps

b) 54.4 kbps

c) 59.2 kbps

d) 60.2 kpbs

9. LA(link adaption) module continuously monitor and measure the ___ condition.

a) Propagation

b) Control

c) delay

d) Error

10. Coding rate againt MCS-9 is ___.

a) 1.0

b) .92

c) .17

d) .84

11. WCDMA was selected for a radio access system for UTMS in year ___.

a) 1997

b) 1998

c) 1999

d) 2000

12. MCS 4 provide data rate of ___ kbps.

a) 14.0 

b) 15.0 

c) 17.6

d) 18.6

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