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CS402 Theory of Automata Quiz no 1 Solved Answer


1. The complement of a regular language is also ____.

a) regular

b) irregular but infinite

c) irregular but finite

d) irregular

2. Which of the following represent the absence and presence of current in sequential circuit respectively?

a) 0, 1

b) 0, 0

c) 1, 0

d) 1, 1

3. The strings or words which do not belong to a language are called ___ of that language.

a) Union

b) Complement

c) Quotient

d) Intersection

4. If the intersection of two regular language is regular then the complement of the intersection of these two languages is ____.

a) irregular but finite

b) irregular

c) irregular but infinite

d) regular

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5. In pref (Q in R), Q is ___ to/than R.

a) Not equal

b) Greater

c) Smaller

d) Equal

6. The reverse of the string sbfsbb over {sb, f, b }

a) bsfbsb

b) bsbfsb

c) bbsfbs

d) sbbfsb

7. A problem that has decision procedure is called ___ problem.

a) un-decidable

b) infinite

c) regular language

d) decidable

8. A language ending with ‘b’ partition ∑* into ___ distinct classes.

a) five

b) four

c) three

d) two

9. A non regular language can be represented by

a) TG

b) None of the given options

c) FA


10. The CFG S aSbab is used to express the language ___.

a) Palindrome

b) Prime

c) Even

d) Equal

11. If there is no final state of two FAs then their ___ also have no ___ state.

a) union, final

b) final, union

c) union, initial

d) initial, union

12. Which of the following refers to the set of strings of letters that when concatenated to the front of some word in Q produces some word in R?

a) Pref (Q in R)

b) Pref (R in Q)

c) Postf (Q in R)

d) Postf (R in Q)

13. The grammatical rules which involve the meaning of words are called ___.

a) alphabets

b) strings

c) syntactic

d) semantics

14. Which of the following is a non-regular language?

a) Prime

b) Even-Even

c) Odd-Odd

d) Language of strings ending in abba

15. A problem is said to be ___ if there exists an algorithm that provides the solution in ___ number of steps.

a) effectively solvable, infinite

b) effectively unsolvable, finite

c) effectively unsolvable, infinite

d) effectively solvable, finite

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