CS408 Human Computer Interaction Quiz 1 Solved - VU Answer

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CS408 Human Computer Interaction Quiz no 1 Solved Answer


1. Program that best used full-screen, monopolizing the user’s attention for long periods of time, are ___ posture applications.

a) Transient

b) Sovereign

c) Auxiliary

d) None the given

2. Transactional sites that are used for a significant part of an employee’s jobs should be considered full ___ applications.

a) Sovereign

b) Transient

c) Temporary

d) None of the given

3. Which of the following is least likely to be revealed by a paper prototype?

a) Your users don’t know the term algorithm

b) Toolbar buttons are too small to press

c) The help menu isn’t in the right place

d) None of the given

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4. ___ applications are great platforms for creating an environment rich in visual feedback for the user.

a) Sovereign

b) Transient

c) Auxiliary

d) Daemonic

5. ___ is a usability test in which a member of the test sits in the room with the pertinent and actively probes the participant’s understanding of whatever is being tested.

a) Co discovery

b) Active intervention

c) Trunk test

d) None of the given

6. ___ is needed to check that users can use the product and like it.

a) Coding

b) Evaluation 

c) Guild line

d) None of the given

7. Navigation represents excise except in ___.

a) Web

b) Games

c) Windows

d) Menus

8. Evaluations done during design to check that product continues to meet users need are known as ___ evaluation.

a) Formative

b) Summative

c) Relative

d) None of the given

9. ___ and ___ are the same things

a) Excise and Navigation

b) Excise and Testing

c) Excise and Evaluation

d) All of the given

10. Information sites with daily-updated information will naturally attract ___ users more than monthly-updated sites.

a) Repeat

b) Infrequent

c) Nonuser

d) None of the given

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