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CS411 Visual Programming no 1 Solved Answer


1. Using ___ system can support customized setup user interfaces, such as showing an en___d user license agreement (EULA).

a) Windows Installer

b) Windows API

c) ClickOnce

d) License agreement (EULA)

2.” Binding” technique binds two properties together and keeps a ___ open.

a) Memory location

b) Selection

c) Choice

d) Communication channel

3. In context of data binding, ___ contains the current item to get it synchronized with data source.

a) String

b) Template

c) View

d) List

4. Identify the pre-defined built-in command(s)

a) Cut 

b) Copy

c) Close

d) All of the given options

5. Which one of the following can be used to set dependency property values?

a) Temporary resources

b) Permanent resource

c) Dynamic resource

d) Static resource

6. Which one of the following is used, if we want to add a window resource in procedural code?

a) Window.Resource.Add()

b) <Widows.Resources></Widows.Resources>

c) Widow.Resoruces.Add();

d) <Widows.Resources></Widow.Resources>

7. We use “GetDefaultView” method of ___ to get the default view.

a) CollectionViewSource

b) DataSource

c) ViewDescription

d) ViewCollection

8. Which of the following method is used to get the location of touch?

a) getTouch();

b) getTouchpoint();

c) getTouchLocation();

d) getTouchDown();

9. A/An ___ screen is an image that appears while a game or program is loading

a) Opening

b) Initial

c) Splash

d) Startup

10. By default, Navigation Window ___ a bar along with the top with Back/Forward buttons while a frame ___.

a) Doesn’t have, has

b) Has, has

c) Both doesn’t have

d) Has, doesn’t have

11. ___ supports the creation of applications that run directly in a web browser.

a) WPF

b) C/C++

c) Partial Class

d) Logic Behind

12. Manipulation events work if IsManipulationEnabled=?

a) Null

b) True

c) False

d) /r

13. ___ mode of biding is opposite to OneWay mode of Binding.

a) OneWayToSource

b) TwoWay

c) OneTime

d) TwoTime

14. XBAPs are suited for relatively full-featured application that:

a) Run on Desktop

b) Happen to be hosted directly in a web browser

c) Require .net framework

d) None of the given options

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15. To plugin custom logic, you need to add a ___ to the element that will execute the command or any parent element.

a) Execute Command

b) HelpCanExecute

c) CommandBinding

d) RoutedUICommand

16. Frame has a ___ property used in enabling or disabling the bar (containing Back/Froward buttons).

a) ShowsNavigationUI

b) BlockNavigationUI

c) NavigationUIVisibility

d) NavigationUIBllock

17. Hierarchical data templates are used to display data in a ___ like structure.

a) Graph

b) Tree

c) Network

d) List

18. Which of the following is not a string format property throughout WPF?

a) ContentStringFormat

b) ItemStringFormat

c) RowHeaderStringFormat

d) StringFormat

19. In multi touch events, when multiple fingers are touching simultaneously, these events get raised for each finger ___

a) Independently

b) Completely

c) Partially

d) Dependently

20. Which of he following operation cannot be performed by using a view?

a) Grouping

b) Filtering

c) Sorting

d) Searching

21. ___ resource is reapplied every time it changes.

a) Dynamic

b) Static

c) Permanent

d) Abstract

22. ___ is used to perform navigation.

a) Session

b) Hyperlink

c) Hypertext markup language code

d) Internet protocol

23. To remove data binding between the source and the target, we can use ___ function.

a) ClearBinding

b) ResetBinding

c) StopBinding

d) RemoveBinding

24. An event that is raised whenever the value of “CanExecute” changes is known as ___.

a) CarExecute

b) CarExecuteChanged

c) Command

d) Execute

25. Data binding between the source and the target is performed through an object of ___class.

a) Connection

b) Binding

c) Content

d) String

26. If you want to navigate to an HTML page, you must use the ___ of “Navigate” that ___ a URL.

a) Overload, rejects

b) IFrame, rejects

c) Iframe, accepts

d) Overload, accepts

27. Multi touch events are categorized into ___ and ____.

a) Touch events, touchup events

b) Touchdown events, touchup events

c) Advanced touch events, low-level manipulation events

d) Basic touch events, higher-level manipulation events

28. “Editable Grid” is an example of ___ mode binding in context of data binding.

a) OneTime

b) TwoTime

c) TwoWay

d) OneWay

29. In ___ browser app, you change.



a) Partial-trust

b) Full-reject

c) Partial-reject

d) Full-trust

30. Which of the following is correct way to temporarily stop execution of a thread object named as “myThread” for 500 milisec?

a) myThread.Sleep(0.05);

b) myThread.Stop(0.05);

c) myThread.Sleep(500);

d) myThread.Stop(500);

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