CS604 Operating Systems Quiz 1 Solved - VU Answer

CS604 Operating Systems Quiz 1 Solution Answer

Operating Systems Quiz Solved. Recent CS604 Quiz 1 Solution for Help in Studies or Exams and Improve Knowledge or Learning Skills. Also, Get PDF File Given Below.


1. The run-time mapping from a virtual to physical addresses is done by a piece of hardware in the C.P.U, called the ___.

a) Memory management unit (MMU) 

b) CPU Scheduler

c) Registers

d)  None of the given options

2. When the address used in a program gets converted to an actual physical RAM address, it is called ____.

a) Execution

b) Loading

c) Address Binding

d) Compiling

3. Addresses generated relative to part of program, not to start of physical memory are

a) Relocatable

b) Virtual

c) Symbolic

d) Physical

4. Secondary Storage memory devices have ___ memory.

a) Volatile

b) Permanent and non-volatile

c) Temporary

d) None of the options 

5. The system maintains a ___ of all processes whose memory images are on the backing store or in memory and are ready to run.

a) List

b) Queue

c) Ready Queue

d) Environment

6. What do we name to an address that is loaded onto the memory-address register to the memory.

a) Logical address

b) Physical address

c) Binary addresses

d) None of the given options

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7. In ___ technique, memory is divided into several fixed-size partitions.

a) Swapping

b) Overlays

c) Multiprogramming with Fixed Tasks (MFT)

d) Multiprogramming with Variable Tasks (MVT) 

8. Overlays are implemented by the ___.

a) Operating system

b) Programmer

c) Kamel

d) Shell

9. What do we name to an address that is generated by the CPU?

a) Logical address

b) Physical address

c) Binary address

d) None of the given options

10. If a system is not in a safe state, there can be NO deadlocks.

a) True

b) False

11. Preventing the condition of ___ to happen, deadlocks can be prevented to happen.

a) Critical region

b) Circular wait

c) Monitors

d) Critical section

12. ___ is caused due to un-used space in fixed-size blocks/pages.

a) Internal fragmentation

b) External fragmentation

c) Paging

d) MVT

13. Cache is non-volatile memory.

a) True

b) False

14. Banker’s algorithm is used for ____.

a) Deadline avoidance

b) Deadline detection 

c) Deadline prevention

d) Deadlock removal

15. ___ is used in the detection and recovery mechanism to handle deadlocks.

a) Wait-to-Graph

b) Resource allocation Graph

c) Circular Graph

d) Claim Edge Graph

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