CS610 Computer Networks Quiz 1 Solved - VU Answer

CS610 Computer Networks Quiz 1 Solution Answer

Computer Networks Quiz Solved. Most of the Important Recent CS610 Quiz 1 Solution for Help in Studies or Exams and Improve Knowledge or Learning Skills. Also, Get PDF File Given Below.


1. Mapping between a protocol address and a hardware address is called


a) Segmentation

b) Hashing

c) Address Resolution

d) Fragmentation

2.   protocols of TCP/IP layering model specify how to organize data into frame and how a computer transmits frames over a network.

a) Session

b) Network interface layer

c) Internet Layer

d) Transport Layer

3. In Closed-form computation, the protocol address assigned to a computer is chosen carefully so that computer's hardware address can be computed from the protocol address using basic Boolean and operations.

a) Arithmetic

b) XOR

c) Shift


4. As the Internet grew, the original Classful addressing scheme became a limitation. The IP address space was being exhausted because all networks had to choose one of possible sizes.

a) Three

b) two

c) four

d) five

5. Dotted decimal notation is a syntactic form the IP software uses to express binary values when interacting with humans.

a) 8-bit

b) 16-bit

c) 32-bit

d) 64-bit

6.   protocols of TCP/IP layering model specify how to ensure reliable transfer.

a) Physical Layer

b) Network Interface Layer

c) Internet Layer

d) Transport Layer

7. In the IP address identifies an individual computer on the network.

a) Prefix

b) Suffix

c) Mux

d) Demux

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8. Internet protocol (IP) address version 4 is comprised of bits.

a) 48

b) 32

c) 24

d) 128

9. A separate table is used for each physical network.

a) bit-binding

b) Checksum

c) address-binding

d) CRC

10. Inside a computer, each address mask is stored as a bit value.

a) 48

b) 64

c) 16

d) 32

11. Dotted decimal represents each octet in and uses a dot to separate octets.

a) binary

b) decimal

c) hexadecimal

d) Octal

12.   of TCP/IP Protocol Suit specifies the format of packets sent across Internet as well as the mechanisms used to forward packets.

a) Physical Layer

b) Data Link Layer

c) Internet Layer

d) Transport Layer

13. The IP class scheme does not divide the address space into equal size class and the classes do not contain the same number of networks.

a) 16-bit

b) 32-bit

c. 48-bit

d. 64-bit

14.   of TCP/IP protocol suit defines the basic characteristics of network hardware.

a) Physical Layer

b) Data Link Layer

c) Internet Layer

d) Transport Layer

15. The protocol address of the next hop must be to an equivalent hardware address before a packet can be sent.

a) Encrypted

b) Decrypted

c) Translated

d) Segmented

16. Address Resolution Protocol is mostly used to bind a 32-bit IP address to an _ Ethernet address.

a) 16-bit

b) 48-bit

c) 64-bit

d) 128-bit

17. TCP/IP defines the term to refer any computer system that connects to a network and runs applications for users.

a) Router

b) Host computer

c) Bridge

d) Switch

18.   are two standard implementations to improve computational efficiency.

a) Hashing and Direct indexing

b) Segmentation and Fragmentation

c) Queuing and Packetizing

d) Indexing and Framing

19. In the IP address identifies the physical network to which the computer is attached.

a) Prefix

b) Suffix

c) Mux

d) Demux

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