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ENG503 Introduction to English Language Teaching Quiz with Answer

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1. Modern English Period is also known as ___.

a) Restoration Period

b) Colonial Period

c) Renaissance Period

d) Post-Modern Period

2. The quote, ‘there can never be a moment of true standstill in language’ (Aitchison, 2013), refers to:

a) Intermingling quality of a language

b) Ever-changing nature of a language

c) Twisting character of a language

d) Stagnant position of a language

3. In ___ method, learning is ensured largely by translation to or from the target language.

a) Grammar Translation

b) Audio-Lingual

c) Direct

d) Total Physical Response

4. The branch of linguistics which studies language change is called:

a) Historical linguistics

b) Theoretical linguistics

c) Sociological

d) Psycholinguistics

5. Which method focuses on learners’ linguistics and communicative needs?

a) Learner-centered

b) Learning centered

c) Language centered

d) Teacher centered

6. Inner Circle includes those countries which use English as a/an ___.

a) second language

b) foreign language

c) official language

d) mother tongue

7. Kumaravadivelu divides the methods of teaching second language into ___.

a) two

b) three

c) four

d) six

8. Which of the following circles include the previously colonized countries?

a) Emerging circle

b) Inner circle

c) Outer circle

d) Expanding circle

9. Which one of the following is the largest and oldest associations in the field of ELT?





10. English may have a small number of proficient speakers in Pakistan; these are very ___people.

a) influential

b) well-qualified

c) knowledgeable

d) extrovert

ENG503 Quiz 1 with Answer

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