IT430 E-Commerce Quiz 1 Solved - VU Answer

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IT430 E-Commerce Quiz no 1 Solution Answer


1. What does Telemarketing Means?

a) Marketing through charting

b) Marketing through telephone

c) Marketing through email

b) Marketing through webcasting

2. Which word in a URL indicates that the webserver hosting this web is SSL enabled?

a) WWW



d) .com

3. Which of the following payment system should give LEAST preference if you want to buy diamonds.

a) Virtual PIN payment system

b) electronic checks

c) Electronic cash

d) Credit card

4. Meta tag contains:

a) User information

b) seller information

c) web page key information

d) bank information

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5. Fee for transaction models include

a) Travel Agents and insurance brokers

b) Automobile Sales and event tickets

c) Stockbrokers and online banking

d) All of the above

6. Missing and incorrect values in database should be corrected by the process of ___.

a) Data mining

b) Data cleaning

c) Data selection

d) Data integration

7. ___ indicates that the web server hosting the website is SSL enabled.

a) FTP

b) Http

c) Https

d) Telnet

8. When you email at [email protected], your email is automatically sorted and replied to your ID.

a) True

b) False

9. In ___ promotional method, user/ customers can be allowed to download software for certain days free of cost on trial basis.

a) Point-based rewards

b) Free-trials

c) Coupons

d) Frequent-flyer miles

10. When customer life cycle is used to create different groups of customers, it is called?

a) Targeting Customers

b) Dynamic groups

c) Customer Life Cycle Segmentation

d) Group Development

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