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PAK301 Assignment No 1 Solution Fall 2021

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Question 1:

How did Allama Iqbal re-energize the Indian Muslims to get a separate state in his Allahabad Address in 1930? Justify your answer with five relevant points.


Allama Iqbal gave a lucid explanation of the inner feeling of the Muslims of India in the 1930 Allahabad Address.

1. Muslim Islamic Life

Allama Iqbal explained that Islam was the major and determining factor in the life of Indian Muslims. He defined the Muslims of India as a nation and recommended there could be no possibility of peace in India without recognizing them as one.

2. Moral Consciousness in Muslim

He explained that Islam was the major formative factor in the life history of Indian Muslims. It furnished those basic emotions and loyalties, which gradually unify scattered individuals and groups and finally transform them into well-defined people, possessing a moral consciousness of their own.

3. Social and Religious Structures

According to Iqbal’s point of view, there are many nations in this sub-continent and every nation has its own social, political, and religious structure.

4. Muslim Traditions in Religion

The Nation does not accept the customs and traditions of other nations and considers them lower. This thing expressed that peace and harmony can be established but only after the division of the Indian sub-continent to facilitate the Muslims to implement their religion.

5. European Democracy and Laws

European democracy cannot be applied to India without recognizing the fact of communal groups. The Muslim demand for the creation of a Muslim India within India is, therefore, perfectly justified.

Question 2:

Highlight the factors that became the reason for the unsuccessful end of the Khilafat Movement? Justify your answer with five relevant points.


Sadly, the khilafat development was a disappointment. The accompanying reasons add to the disappointment of the development.

1. An occurrence known as the Chauri Chaura assumed an imperative part in the disappointment of the development.

2. Kemal Ataturk canceled the establishment of the Caliph.

3. Primary leasers of the development were detained.

4. The Hindus were just intrigued by the Self-rule and didn't add to the development by any means.

5. Everything Muslims didn't uphold the development sincerely and commitment.

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