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SOC101 Introduction to Sociology Quiz 1 Solution

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1. Which one of the following is considered the study of everyday interaction of individuals ad group behavior?

a) Sociology

b) Psychology

c) Anthropology

d) Political science

2. Which of the following is the BEST example of society is act our social actions?

a) Domestic violence bill in Pakistan

b) One child policy in China

c) Restriction on dowry practices in India

d) Restoration of Judiciary in Pakistan

3. Which of the following is ignored by Structural Functionalists in their theories?

a) social class hierarchies

b) shared values and norms

c) modernization and its impact

d) globalization of world

4. Which of the following is also known as social dynamic?

a)  social order

b) social change

c) social movement

d) social revolution

5. Which one of the following is NOT a pull factor of migration?

a) Political stability

b) Employment

c) War

d) Living conditions

6. Pakistani team is ___ for Australian team.

a) In-group

b) Playgroup

c) Workgroup

d) Out-group

7. Sociology differs from common sense as:

a) It focuses on the researcher’s own experiences

b) It makes little distinction between the way the world is and the way it ought to be

c) Its knowledge is accumulated from many different research contexts

d) It is subjective and biased

8. Which of the following provides the basic picture of a society?

a) Theory

b) Paradigm

c) Concept

d) Model

9. Suppose, two researchers found the high suicide rate in Pakistan us due to increasing poverty, it means that the phenomenon “Poverty” is:

a) Empirical 

b) Verifiable

c) Repeatable

d) Deterministic

10. Struggle and revolution that may change the system is the basic motto of which theoretical paradigm?

a) Social Conflict

b) Structural functionalist

c) Symbolic Interactionism

d) Feminist

11. At which step of sociological investigation researcher tells about tools of data collection?

a) Hypothesis testing

b) Research design

c) Study findings

d) Conclusion

12. Who is known as the second founder of sociology?

a) Herbert Spencer

b) Auguste Comte

c) Talcotte Parsons

d) Kari Marx

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