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SOC401 Cultural Anthropology Quiz 1 Question with Answers

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1. Which of the following theory is influenced by cultural relativism and ethnoscience?

a) Interpretive Anthropology

b) Postmodernism

c) Cultural Materialism

d) French Structuralism

2. Which one of the following works without any external compulsion or the idea of getting something immediately?

a) Redistribution

b) Negative reciprocity

c) Balanced reciprocity

d) Generalized reciprocity

3. Which one of the following is NOT a dysfunctional aspect of culture?

a) Pollution

b) Child labor

c) Discrimination

d) Traveling

4. Which type of interviews involve a minimum of control?

a) Structured

b) Participant

c) Unstructured

d) Semi-structured

5. The process of learning culture is called ___.

a) Enculturation

b) Acculturation

c) Socialization

d) Adoption

6. Attitudinal and behavioral data Is collected through which of the following method?

a) Interview

b) Questionnaire

c) Focus group discussions

d) Observation

7. Which on the following technique is required to provide solid methodological base emphasizing the need for empirical evidence?

a) Direct fieldwork

b) Survey

c) Case history

d) Observation

8. Collecting basic demographic data at the initial stages of fieldwork is known as ___.

a) Document Analysis

b) Data Collection

c) Census taking

d) Genealogies

9. According to cultural evolutionist theory, the earliest forms of humanity was surviving on fruits and nuts, this stage is called as:

a) Lower savagery

b) Middle savagery

c) Upper savagery

d) Lower savagery

10. Free-market economics, free trade, and competition are all ingredients of:

a) Universalism

b) Communism

c) Socialism

d) Globalization

11. Which of the following method allow a researcher to study non-verbal behavior?

a) Non-participant observation

b) Content analysis

c) Participant observation

d) Historical analysis

12. Which one of the following process led men to move away to the cities in order to earn more cash, often leaving women behind to undertake agricultural work?

a) Urbanization

b) Communism

c) Socialization

d) Globalization

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