STA301 Statistics and Probability Quiz 1 Solved - VU Answer

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STA301 Statistics and Probability Quiz no 1 Solution Answer


1. The amount of hump of a distribution is called:

a) Skewness

b) Kurtosis

c) Symmetry

d) Dispersion

2. Historigram and histogram are:

a) Always same

b) Not same

c) Off and on same

d) Randomly same

3. When a frequency distribution involves “open-end” classes, then which average is appropriate?

a) Mean

b) Mode

c) Median

d) None of these

4. Relationship among the averages

a) HM GM ≥ AM

b) AM ≥ GM ≥ HM

c) GM ≥ HM ≥ AM

d) AM ≥ HM ≥ GM

5. In a group frequency distribution, corrected moments are calculated by the method of:

a) Sheppard’s correction

b) Continuity correction

c) Pearson’s correction

d) Bowley’s correction

6. A tabular arrangement for classifying data into different groups is called:

a) standard deviation

b) frequency distribution

c) class

d) arithmetic mean

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7. Harmonic mean is the reciprocal of

a) Arithmetic mean

b) Mode

c) Geometric mean

d) Median

8. Which of the following relationship is true in a symmetrical distribution?

a) Median-Q1 > Q3-Median

b) Median-Q1 < Q3-Median

c) Median-Q1 = Q3-Median

d) None of the above

9. According to the property of parameter, it is 

a) Variable

b) Constant

c) Discrete

d) Continuous

10. The heading of the columns of a table are called:

a) Stubs

b) Captions

c) Footnotes

d) Source notes

11. In a coin-tossing example, we have only two possible outcomes, a head or a tail; this is an example of:

a) Equally likely events

b) Mutually exclusive events

c) Both of these

d) None of these

12. In a frequency distribution, which of the following is sometimes referred to as the class mark?

a) relative frequency

b) cumulative frequency

c) class midpoint

d) frequency

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