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STA630 Research Methods Quiz 1 Solution Answer


1. A research study, in which the unit of analysis remains same at specific interval, over a longer period of time, is known as 

a) Time series study

b) Cohort Study

c) Panel Study

d) None of the given options

2. Concepts represent various degree of ___.

a) Specification

b) Abstraction

c) Calculation

d) Formulation

3. The scientific researcher operates at two levels: one is at the abstract level of concepts and other one is the ___ of variables.

a) Empirical level

b) Hypothetical level

c) Conceptual level

d) None of the given options 

4. What research is?

a) A lab experiments

b) A report

c) A systematic Enquiry

d) A survey

5. A concept is a generalized idea about ___.

a) A class objects

b) Attributes

c) Occurrences

d) All of the given options

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6. Every research project should begin with:

a) An understanding of the overall conclusion that will be drawn

b) A decision about the research methodology to be used

c) A statement of the research

d) A decision about the data gathering methods to be used

7. Research improves the decision-making process by following all-important stages EXCEPT:

a) Identifying problems or opportunities

b) Selecting and implementing a course of action

c) Only relying on personal assumptions

d) Evaluating the course of action

8. According to Empiricism, which of the following is the ultimate source of all our concepts and knowledge?

a) Perceptions

b) Theory

c) Sensory experience

d) Logics and arguments

9. Research that is done to examine the findings of someone else by using the “same variables but with different respondents” comes under which of the following?

a) None of the given options

b) Replication

c) Cumulative

d) Exploration

10. Variable that is manipulated by the researcher in an experiment is called ___.

a) Depended on variable

b) independent variable

c) Extraneous variable

d) None of the given options

11. The study of research methods provides you with the knowledge and skills you need

a) To solve the problem 

b) To improve the decision-making process

c) To understand the research of others

d) All of the given options

12. Which of the following is a concept?

a) Human resources management

b) Leadership

c) Motivation

d) All of the given options

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