STA641 Statistical Packages and Its Applications Quiz 1 Solved - VU Answer

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STA641 Statistical Packages and its Applications Quiz no 1 Solution Answer


1. The cell reference for cell ranges of G2 to M12 is ___.

a) G2:M12

b) G2.M12

c) G2;M12

d) G2-M12

2. The first cell in EXCEL is labeled as:

a) AA

b) A1

c) Aa

d) A0

3. The ___ is the value you calculate when you want the arithmetic average.

a) Mean

b) Median

c) Mode

d) Geometric mean

4. When data is arranged, middle value in set of observations is classified as

a) Median

b) Mean

c) Variance

d) Standard deviation

5. Extent to which values are dispersed around central observation is considered as

a) Trailing

b) Variation

c) Extension

d) Centralized valuation

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6. What is meant by precision of data?

a) Any value with 2 decimal places

b) Any value with 10 decimal places

c) The number of decimals places displayed in the cell

d) The number of decimals places stored in computer

7. The basic unit of a worksheet into which you enter data in Excel is called a

a) Cell

b) Table

c) Box

d) Column

8. Which of the following formulas in not entered correctly?

a) =10+50

b) =B7*B1

c) =B7*14

d) 10+50

9. Functions in MS Excel must begin with ___.

a) An () sign

b) An Equal Sign

c) A Plus Sign

d) A > Sign

10. Getting data from a cell located in a different sheet is called?

a) Updating

b) Accessing

c) Functioning

d) Referencing

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