ZOO510 Economic Zoology Quiz 1 Solved - VU Answer

ZOO510 Economic Zoology Quiz 1 Solution Answer

ZOO510 Economic Zoology Quiz Solved. Most of the Important Recent ZOO510 Quiz 1 Solution for Help in Studies or Exams and Improve Knowledge or Learning Skills. Also, Get PDF File Given Below.


1. Aghani and Baisakhi strain are the main corps contributing about __ of lac production. 90%

2. Whirling diseased by Myxobolus cerebralis

3. Male Lac-insect The body is typically divided into head, ___, and abdomen. thorax

4. Feeds should be stored in a ____ and well-ventilated area. dry, cool

5. ___ is a common method of feeding fish. Hand feeding 

6. Bombyx mori Produces over ___ of the world’s raw silk. 90%

7. Blood poisoning due to bacteria is called Septicemia.

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8. ___ causes disease in fish. Aeromonas hydrophila

9. __ causes disease in silkworm. Pebrine

10. To produce 1 kg of lac resin, around ___ insects lose their life. 300,000

11. Spring Viremia of Carp is a __ infection. viral

12. Bombyx mori is an economically important insect being a primary producer of silk.

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