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Opening Date: 23-Feb-2022

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For any Machine Learning algorithm, we first need to train the algorithm on a data set. After that, we will test that machine learning algorithm to check the performance of the algorithm. The result of the algorithm will depend on how large the data set is and how much percentage of training data we will use.

Suppose you are working as a Machine Learning Engineer in a well-reputed organization, your company has won a project of developing an Image Recognition System.  You have been given the responsibility of a project in charge of this project. Your team goal is to design an efficient algorithm for this project, keeping in mind that if you go for the speed, the accuracy may suffer and if you go for a more accurate algorithm then the speed of the algorithm may suffer. Now consider the nature of the Machine Learning algorithm, which option you will prefer and why?

Justify your answer in either of the cases with proper reason.

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