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Opening Date: 7 Feb 2022

Closing Date: 8 Feb 2022


Social Media helps us virtually but it is negatively affecting family relationships. Comment

Write your own view about ONE of the given topics in 170-200 words.

GDB Idea Solution:

Less Caring Attitude Towards Family:

People have much less stress for their own family participants. They are busy taking component in the freedom of the use of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter instead of spending valuable time with their family.

Absent-Minded in Family Issues:

They take area even as a person is hooked on social media very badly. The thoughts that they examine on social thinking are surrounded in their minds all the time that’s why they take so much time to respond to everybody. It is likewise discovered that they overlook awesomely lovable.

Lack of Conversation:

People that use social media try and keep away from communicating with their circle of relatives contributors as they don’t bear in mind them to be critical to speak. They do no longer need to percentage their thoughts and pay interest to the opinion of others.

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