SOC401 GDB Solution 2022 - Cultural Anthropology Topic Discussion

SOC401 GDB Solution Fall 2021

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SOC401 GDB Solution Fall 2021

Change Agents Helping to Adopt the New Normal in Pakistan

Wellbeing and Social Care Staff

Educators & Teachers

Local & National Government

Key Public Services Provider

Food  & Other Necessary Products Facilitator

Public Safety & National Security

Role of Change Agents

Wellbeing and Social Care Staff

Cutting edge Health and Social Care staff, for example, specialists, birthing assistants, paramedics, social laborers and different volunteers as well as help and expert staff in the wellbeing and social consideration area. It likewise stretches out to those functioning as a feature of the wellbeing and social consideration inventory network e.g., makers of medications, clinical and individual security equipment/consumables.

Educators and Teachers

Educators assume a significant part in supporting students' commitment in instruction impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The instructor's job becomes vital with respect to ensuring that the students stay drew in and don't lose their inspiration.

Local and National Government

Regulatory occupations fundamental for the viable conveyance of COVID-19 reaction or that convey fundamental public administrations, e.g., Ehsaas Kafalat Program is one those initiatives by the Government.

Key Public Services Providers

Those expected to run the equity framework, strict staff, good cause and laborers that are conveying key forefront administrations. It likewise incorporates those liable for the administration of the expired, and columnists and telecasters who offer public types of assistance broadcasting.

Food and Other Necessary Products Facilitator

Those associated with food creation, handling, dispersion, deal and conveyance as well as those crucial for the arrangement of other key merchandise (for instance hygenic and veterinary drugs)

Public Safety and National Security

Police and care staff, Ministry of Defense, Civilians, Contractors and Armed Forces faculty, Fire and salvage administration workers (counting support staff), National Crime Agency staff and other National security jobs including those abroad.


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