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CHE201 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Che201 today paper 11.00

 1.Effect of catalyst on activation energy

2.method of measurement of reaction 

3. colloidal properties 

4. elementary step of reaction mechanism 

5. limitation of thermodynamics

6.stooped flow technique

CHE201 Physical chemistry 

 *Dated: 13th September *   *Timing: 9:30am*  


 Objective part: 

 *20 MCQs* 

 *1. Related to thermodynamics* 

 *2. Spectroscopy device is used for........* 

 *3. Related to order of reactions.* 

 *4. Related to Fractional distillation.*

 *Subjective part: *

 *1) Define solubility? 2 marks* 

 *2) Mechanism of catalysts in energy activation. 2 marks* 

 *3) steps of precipitation.  3 marks* 

 *4)  yd ni a rha. 3 marks* 

 *5) Limitations of thermodynamics. 5 marks* 

 *6) Fractional distillation. 5 marks* 

 *Remember me in your prayers 🙂*

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Application of precipitation reaction

Steps of rate mechanism

Pseudo first order reaction definition

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