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ECO403 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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eco 403 paper

1)Way price are sticky in short run write two reson?5 marks

2)write the equation of philips curve?3marks

3) defin the cobb doglas production function and its compunent?5marks

4)what will be the impact of increase in marginal product of capital on invistement function?3mark.

mcqs mostly past sy thy.

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44 questions thy 28 mcqs thy or 4 subjective 

1) Differentiate production firm and rental firm (3 Marks)

2) Write formula of tax multiplier and it's assumptions? (3 Marks)

3) Life cycle hypothesis ka question thaa jis main diagram bnani thee or label krna thaa income, wealth etc (5 Marks)

4) Explain Indifference curve (5 Marks)

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