MGT602 GDB Solution Spring 2022 - Idea VU Answer

MGT602 GDB Solution Spring 2022

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Case 1:

Shakeel belongs to a reasonable family. He started a new computer repairing shop with the support of his father. He managed to get some of the repeated customers in no time. After completing his business degree, he was able to give much time to this small venture and soon added different product range to his existing line. He was able to get some space on rent and add some gaming computers as well.

Case 2:

Moazzam is a business graduate. After completion of his degree, he started a 9 to 5 job. After 10 years serving the industry, he realized to start his own venture. He enrolled himself in a mushroom cultivation mushroom from the rooftop of his own home. Initially he invested a small amount but has planned to expand in future.


Compare the two businesses on the basis of explanations made in lectures. Which business according to you has a greater chance of success? Justify your answer with five logical points.


The wake of perusing the above cases, I saw that both young men have a business degree, and subsequent to finishing their examinations Shakeel went into the business however Moazzam finds a new line of work. 

In this day and age having some work individual having a particular sum so he can't satisfy his fantasies. However, a money manager can satisfy his own fantasies. Thus, I finish Shakeel's business has a more prominent likelihood of coming out on top.

There are a few coherent focuses that are as per the following:

  1. The world is embracing new innovations step by step, so there will be unnecessary utilization of PC so a PC shop business will be a fruitful business.

  1. Shakeel added new gaming PCs which are the most involved electronic machines in today's time.

  1. In the present life everybody utilizes PCs, Shakeel fixes the PC, so there are many possibilities that he will get a lot of clients who need to fix their PC.

  1. Shakeel added different new items to extend his business which is the verification of his prosperity.

  1. The repeated customer in Shakeel business and come with trust is able to a greater chance of their success.

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