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BIF501 Current Midterm Paper 2022

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My today paper of BIF501 at 8:30 am                                          

1. Write a short note on READSEQ.  (2)                                                 

2.   Define the following                                   

(I). The Median String problem-        

(ii). Minimization problem 

(III). The Motif Finding problem-         

(iv). Maximization problem.  (2)          

3. Heterochromatin and euchromatin difference (3)                                     

4. Give alignment of sequence and also write raw score.   (3)                       

5. Write a note on sequence logos (5).             

6. If you observed a eukaryotic cell under a powerful microscope then what structures you will see? Also, explain their importance. (5).                  

More than half MCQs from past files.


👉 organisms k step thy 

👉 string problem 

minimize problem

maximize problem

in kiii definition thiiii,,,,,

👉 orthology or paralog define tha ,,,,,,

👉 cases of fasting protein khx asa hi tha ,,,,,,

👉 ORF pr short note likhnh thyyyy ,,,,,,

👉or MCQs past file sa zaida trrr Imran waliii file sa thy.

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2-codon, three-stop codon.

3-paralog and ortholog

4-prokaryotic and eukaryotic genome.

5-splice junction

6-partial digestion

7-motifs problems

8 pattern of distance finding


10 B. Source,c locus

11 moris alogirthm

12 transposible element

13 organism sequencing

14 brute force

15 read sequence

16 median string problem

17 heteo and eu chromatin

18 four amino acid,protein

19 ore order algorithm

20 component of KMP

21 genome annotation

22 mitochondrialal DNA and chloroplast DNA 

23 horizontal gene transfer

24 proteome.

25 FASTA gene bank

26 orthology

27 ORF

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Difference between prokaryotes and eukaryotes 3 marks

Splice gene 2 marks

human genome project 5 mark

Which region is highly conserved in alignment 2 marks

Euchromatin and heterochromatin 2marks

Pattern finding and computational means in biology 5 marks


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