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BIO201 Current Midterm Paper 2022

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Paper: bio201 


Lysosome short me tha

Semi-conservative replication and conservative replication and dispersive replication in long

Cofactor coenzyme in short baqi MCQ'S thayyy


Basic steps of PCR 

Functions of Cellular membrane 

Anticodon where it is present 

List of organelles of cells 

VNTRs abbreviations

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MCQs are from ppts and grand quiz files 

mostly subjective question is function of cell

Ethidium bromide used why in gel 

Krebs cycle long 

Sites of larger subunits of ribosome in long 

Function of Golgi apparatus 

DNA fingerprinting


Define codon.                           

Write sequence of three stop codon.                           

How bacteria divide.                

Long Define incomplete dominance codominance and epistasis with example.                               

Uniporter, symiporter and differentiate them.

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My today's paper bio201 

Short question endonuclease restriction?

Mutation, genetic engineering?

Purines and pyrimidines?

Long question: adopter hypothesis and messenger hypothesis?

Cofactor, coenzyme and prosthetic group?

Today bio201

3 name of Rna viruses


Prosthetic group

First law of thermodynamics


Mcqs past sy thy 

short mein carbohydrates, polarity of water molecule, 3 delimma of DNA replication, down syndrome

Long mein role of protein in human body

Or function of DNA

Bio 201 

Importance of DNA 


Cellular Membrane difference between meiosis and mitosis 

Difference between Active transport and Passive Transport


down's syndrome

cell cycle

applications of PCR

main components of cell membrane



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