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BIO202 Current Midterm Paper 2022

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Bio202 Paper

📝What is Oligosaccaride?

📝What is protein structure and its 3 examples?

📝Proton binding in tissue

📝Beta bend 5 marks ka

📝Amino acid contain acid group R group wala ta question

📝Mcqs from files totally🌸


Five examples of biomedical importance of protein (5)

Perks in quaternary structure (5)

Ketogenic amino acids(2)


Isoelectric point()

Complex lipids and its three types(3)

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Today my paper Bio 202

* Prosthetic group

* Name two homopolysaccharide

* Function of auxiliary protein

* How light is produced from fireflies.

*Beta confirmation in protein

* Difference between tryosin, phenylalanine and tryptophan on the base of ring structure.

Mcqs mostly hands out sy thy

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Bio 202 

17 MCQs 

4 short 

Bohr effect 

Formation of l-lysome 

2 long

Configuration of Planer peptide bond

Preks of quaternary structure 

Bus yhi yd han 

BIO 202 

Subjective Portion 

1. Name two proteins that contain selenocysteine ..... write their function of selenocysteine.

2. Why the alpha helix is destabilised by the presence of serine, threonine and cysteine.

3. What is heme-heme interaction

4. Write down the proton binding process in tissues. 

5. What is meant by equilibrium constant in reversible reaction 

6. What are carbohydrates. List 4 major groups.

7. What are motifs in protein structure


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