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BT201 Current Midterm Paper 2022

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Bt 201 

Plant breeding (2)

Ecotype (2)

Name the phylm of ameobiode protozoan and their locomotion? (3)

What is systematics? (3)

Enlist the reason of phylogenetic (5)

Explain the hericial classification of Linneous(5)

And mcqs from mid file 

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Today bt 201 paper 

Mcqs grand quiz wali file Sy thy 

Applied ecology ??

Sustainable ??

What is ecospecies?

Phlogentic trees??

5 scientist name which is propesed the ecology theory??

my BT 201 paper              

K species traits ..5

Relationship between paleontology and evolution 5

Factors affecting ecosystem 3 

Global warming 3  

Microorganisms responsible for nitrogen fixation 2

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BT 201

🖊️ Q1:Write  5 factor thta shape community structure

🖊️ Q2 Five scientist citing reteach

🖊️ Q3 phylogeny

🖊️ Q4 Enlist model

🖊️ Q5 computing Technology


1: Give one example of gene pool. 2

2: Law of succession. 2

3: How organism's evolutionary history is documented in its genome. 3

4: Explain species richness. 3

5: Explain phylogenetic trees. 5

6: Importance of biodiversity in food and human health. 5

Mine today ppr of Bt201..... 11:00am


1:How mammals and birds regulate their body temperature

2: characteristics of protozoa

3:landscape ecology

4:what is nutrient and nutrient cycle.

5:foundation specie wid example

6: keystone species..... 5 nmbr

7:what is gene... Also, define gene characterization.. 10

8:logistic growth

9:what is hibernation....

10:how human activities altered the environment?. Or which factor effects the environment.

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Bt201 Midterm paper 

richness and specie diversity.2

Disturbance hypothesis.2

Name phylms of ameoboid protozoans and also tell their mode of locomotion (3)

Biodiversity imp.5 

Phylogenetic genes are related.5

Bt201 Midterm

📝Importance of biodiversity


📝 Orthologous

📝How maintain community structure

Bt201 paper 

Mcqs Kuch file sy thy Kuch conceptual 

1. Define plant breeding 2 marks 

2. Define ecosystem ecology 2 marks

3. Enlist some models 3 marks 

4. How plant breeding can be accomplished 3 marks

5. What is phylogenetic tree 5 marks

6. Describe the hierarchical classification of linneaus  5 marks 

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🖌️Arctic and tropical community  

🖌️ why fossils record  not  saved

🖌️homology and  difrence analogy  

🖌️reproduction  of  protozoa

Bt201 current paper 2022

Define Micro ecology 

what is ecology

Difference between species richness and species diversity give example too

How heterogeneity is essential for community shaping 

How breeders traits are incorporate for crops plants


lack of fossil record 2

systematic 2

phylogenetic tree 5

diff b/w analogy & Homology 5

Reproduction in protozoa 3

genomes define  3

mcqs were from imran mids file


Phylogenetic tree

Lack of fossil record

Reproduction in protozoans

Industrial Ecology

Breeding in plant crops .

Explain geographical community location.

Mostly mcqs from Sir imran file.


Law of succession 2

Ecology 2

Industrial ecologu 3

Phylum of ameoboid protozaon with locomotion 3

Analogy and homology 5

The hetrogenity of shaping community 5


How plant breeding accomplished?

History of plant breeding

What is taxonomy

How gene identified?

E ology of genomics

Mcqs from عمران file

My paper bt201 


Five factor community structure 

Carlos Linneus work In classification 



Who proposed and used ecotype


My. Today paper 


1.plant breeding geographical feature affect the community.

3.Orthologous and paralogous gene.

4.species diversity and richness with example

5.How hetrogenity helpful  for create the shapes of community

6.Linneous Classification describe briefly


Define genome


Why biodiversity important

Enlist models 

Reasons fosil record


(Ecology, Biodiversity & Evolution)

-At least three reasons to use phylogenetic tree?

-Differ between arctic and polar region

-Importance of bacteria and fungi

-What is plant breeding ?

-What is analog ecology?


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