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BT401 Current Midterm Paper 2022

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Bt401 paper

Antibiotic and example

Reason of functional extinct species

Mass extinction

Agro biodiversity

Preventive measures of genetic diversity

Seasonal migration

Today's ppr bt401 

question no1/ G*E  

question no2/natural or artificial barrier 

question no3/PGRA Strategy planning 

question no4/DNA transferred horizontally  

MCQs sary ppts se or conceptual thy totally 26 qz


Repeated mcqs thy kafi or 

PGR starategy 5 marks

Need to reserve Aqautic resources 

Horizontal transfer in bacteria 5

Vertical transfer

Grading up

 Mcqs 50% repeated kuch new

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Allopatric speciation

Inbreeding depression

Biometric gene environment interaction

Microorganisms richness

Causes of gene pool how antibiotic work


Local migration

Migration with example

Steller's sea cow long

Basic sources of plant genetic resources

Antibiotics definition


1.Difference between genetic stock and plant breeder line. 5 marks

2.GPFRA for resolving food issues.

3.Aquatic genetic resources

4.ultrarapid freezing

5.passenger pigeon

6. Reproductive isolation 5 marks


Discuss different steps of allopathic speciation.  5 marks

Allopathic or allopatric 

Confused in these words

What are inbreeding depression 

2 marks

How antibiotics works 2 marks

Briefly discuss biometric gene environment interaction

5 marks

Write causes of changes of gene pool

 Describe richness of microorganisms explaining the total number of discover species 

3 marks

Migration and its example

 Local migration causes

 Sources of conservation og plant genetic resources

Settler's cow sea and dopo

What are inbreeding depression 

2 marks

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Today my paper of bt401

1. Wild plant genetic resource (2 marks)

2. Horizontal gene transfer(3 marks)

3. Natural selection and genetic drift difference (3 marks)

4. Steps of allopatric speciation (5 marks)

5. Classes of gene pool (2 marks)

6. National strategy for PGRFA (5 marks)


Type or plant gentic resource orgin state or domestication ?2marks

How molecular analysis of gene enviormennt intraction is don?5marks 

how gene flow and gentic drift diffrnet?5marks

endangrad species wiht example ?3marks

how gene flow effect Atlantic cod population ?2marks 

msqs 12 13 file sa tha or bqi handout sa lakin easy tha

BT401 Mid Term paper 


Q. 1 what is mean cryopreservation storage? 2M

Q.2 Vision of GSPC? 2M

Q.3 what do you know about allopatric speciation? 3M

Q.4 importance of microorganisms in agriculture? 3M

Q.5 Note on five types of genetic resources? 5M

Q.6 what are bottle effect effects on allele frequency? 5M


1.According to FAO species of seaweeds.....

2. Sheep were domesticated by humans around

3. Marco Polo sheep.... (Ovis ammon) in low and nonfreezing temperature...

5. genetic resources are .......... important themes

6. Landraces is a....

7. Gene Sanctuary example of...

8. Which is easily regenerated from seed.?

9. A chemical substance produced by microorganisms....

10. Phenylketonuria (PKU) 


Gene pool. 2

Varieties in cultivation of plants 2

Ratio in plant production in 

Pakistan. 3

Tpyes of craproectants 3

Special for wildbeest in migration 5

Important microbial  genetics work in Pakistan 5

Mcqs kuch file sa pr zayada handouts sa thy...

Today paper bt401

 Why genetic drift effect allele frequency

Define landcress 

Difference between line breeding and out bredding 

 Who we can store anything ? Write effect

Excuite hebirdixation steps 

And McQ some file se and some handout*

 Best of luck to All 😇🌸


1-Gene flow,

2-Richness of microorganisms

3-Mild inbreeding

4-How animals figure out that where they are going?

5-why national strategy of PGRFA needed.?

Today paper bt401

1. How many ways bacteria can transfer their horizontally.

2. Difference between plant breeder lines and genetic stock.

3. Write down any three characteristics of gene pool.

4. What is the major reason behind extinction of sea mink.

5. How does a gene wide interaction scan examine GxE.

6. Write three name of nut trees in Pakistan

Bt401 mine paper

Plant domestication 2marks

Any two effects of migration 2marks

Disadvantages of inbreeding 3marks

What are national parks define their purposes 3marks

Merits and demerits of ex situ 5marks

How climate change is driving number of species toward extinction. 5marks

MCQs conceptual b thy kuch aur baki Arsalan bhai wali file sy thy


Mcqs from past paper

Short question

Genetic material


Cryoprotectants types

Long waly bhool gay aik tha how animals figure out where they are going? Baki zaida tar past files sy ay hoy thy mcqs


mcqs from past

Difference between genetic drift and gene flow

wht are precautionary measures to prevent genetic diversity

how many types of in situ conservation methods u studied

allopatric speciation


Define genetic material 2

Reasons of migration 2

Precautionary measure for genetic diversity 5

Steps of allopatric speciation 5

Types of inbreeding 

Mcqs kuch file s thy r Kuch handout s thy

My paper bt 401

Plant domestication 2

Dodo steller's sea cow 5

National strategies for PGRFA

Overfishing effect on aquatic genetic resources 3

Outbreeding 2


Number of weeds

Gene sanctuary is in situ

Microorganisms are source of...


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