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BT402 Current Midterm Paper 2022

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Bt 402

1. 3 names of bacteria in the  food industry

2 . Fermentation

3. Steps of Gmo production

4. 3 names of microbes in the medicinal industry.

5. Applications of microbes in biotechnology

6. Flow diagram of lactic acid fermentation.

Bt402 today ppr 

mcqs ppts se almost questions 

1:bioprossing in microbes? 3 marks                question2:GMOs helpful humanbody y?and write example. 2 Marks

Q/3  importance of microbes in biotechnology? 5 Marks

question4: flow chart diagram alcoholic fermention questions mazy k nh thy they thought  thy yr.

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Today paper Bt402

Mcqs all from handouts in fact whole paper 

Q1.How nutrition can effect the plant growth? 2 Mark's

Q2..write any two names of microorganism in food industry? 2 Mark's

Q3 what is the steps of GMOs production? 3 Mark's 

Q4 why bacteria can use for the growth of plant?3 Mark's

Q5..Write a note on importance microbial Biotechnology?5 marks

Q6..Draw a flow diagram of alcoholic fermentation?5 Mark's


Mcqs from ppts


Write two important vitamins 

Physiological factors 

Lactice acid fermentation explain with flow chat 5marks 

Microbial technology 5marks

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1. How animals digest cellulose

2. How microbs challenge food supply

3. Importance of microbial technology 

4. Flow sheet diagram of alcoholic fermentation 

5. Affect of improper nutrients

Aik yad n easy tha bht paper


1. How GMOs are economically beneficial 

2.Probiotic cultures

3.Physiological factors 

4.Types of fermentation 

5.mportance of microbes

6.Importance of microbial biotechnology 

Mcqs were from past 

Almost whole paper were from past

Today paper Bt402 

Importance of microbes?5,

Importance of microbial biotechnology?5

Types of fermentation?3

Use microbes in medicine with example?2

MCQs very easy, mostly from past papers.


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