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BT403 Current Midterm Paper 2022

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Bt 403

1. Steps of tissue culture

2. Disadvantages of herbicides

3. Check colonies for bacterial transformation

4. Condition for the growth of embryo

5. Genetic markers, types, importance

6. Advantages of herbicides

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Long composition of culture medium?

Crown gall disease bhi long ma

Short ma types of pesticides?

Germplasm preservation?

When a mature embryo is culture? 

Mcqs handouts sy thy

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My Paper BT403

Define food security

Define sympathy speciation 

How extinction is affected by medical study

Why we need PGR

Elaborate disadvantages & advantages of outbreeding

Steps of  conservation  of PGR

Only preparation of handouts

Today paper bt403

Why DNA markers is used? (2)

What are bio-pesticides? (2)

AGR skin burn ho jay pesticides Ki wajh sy too oska ilaj kysy kiyh  jata?(2)

What are the condition for embryo culture?(3)

Why synthetic seeds are produced?(5)

What are pesticides? What are their uses and also justify your perceptions? (5)


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