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BT501 Current Midterm Paper 2022

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BT 501

Stem cells and their types (2 marks)

Immunity and its types 

(3 marks)

Tay-Sachs disease and its genetics (3 marks)

 Advantages of allele-specific PCR than allele-specific hybridization (5 marks)

Role of bio-nanotechnology in nao medicine (5 marks)

TaqMan PCR work (2 marks)


McQ from ppts



1. Allele-specific screening for systic fibrosis?

2. Structural chromosomal abnormalities?


r- DNA products name?

Mitochondrial homeostasis?

Other Two questions can't remember.

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1. Write the advantage of allele-specific PCR as compare to Allele-specific Hybridization. 2 marks

2. What is the reason to start human genome project.   2 marks

3. What are the types of immune diseases. Write their names.  3 marks.

4. What is bio-nanotechnology and write its application in nano-medicine?  3 marks.

5. Write the protocol for hepatitis B by using ELISA test.  5 marks.

6. Write the recommendation to resolve the legal and ethical issues of gene therapy?  5 marks

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1.Four function of immune system 

2.differentiated two allel 

3.RNAi Gene expression 

4.why human genome project is established

1  Convert Binary to decimal.

2  Match Example to discipline and write correct decipline.

3  When your friend send u an email, which number of port u can access email.

4  Postue code.

5  write name of 5 devices which use by u.s.b controller.


Total paper from pots

Cardiovascular disease k effect symptoms treatment 5

Liposom 5

Rule of DNA sequence ing 2

hGP k main objective 2

Vaccine ki types

ELISA indirect k steps3

what is sickle cell disease? (2)


20 MCQs

6 questions

1. Write the name of functions which are performed by immune system? 2 marks

2. What is biochip and microarray? 2 marks

3. Write and define two major types of immunity? 3 marks

4. What is hemophilia and genetics? 3 marks

5. Write not on Alzheimer's disorder? 

5 marks

6. What are the recommendations by organizations on the legal and ethical issues of gene therapy? 5 marks


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