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BT505 Current Midterm Paper 2022

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Write parameter of biosensor (3). 

Write the name of enzyme that used in glucometer (2). 

Explain the two different working platform of glucometer (5).  

Types of biosensors (5)  

difference between mono and poly-clonal antibodies (3)

Midterm paper bt505

I) electrochemical properties of DNA bases. (2marks)

II) what is limit detection? Give example. (2marks)

III) principle of optical biosensor. (3marks)

IV) hexokinase based florescent biosensor. (3marks)

V) advantages of enzymes based biosensors. (5marks)

VI) what are two types of photoreceptors? (5marks)

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Bt505 today paper 

Q1. What is umami?

Q2. What is BRET assay? 

Q3. What are the advantages of miniaturization? 

Q4. What are thermoreceptors?

Q5. What is antibody affinity?


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