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CS301 Current Midterm Papers 2022

Are you looking for CS301 Current Midterm Paper 2022? If yes, then you visit the right site. Here are CS301 Current Papers 2022. CS301 Midterm Past Papers 2022.


Students must prepare these cs301 midterm current papers in 2022. Also, it can give cs301 midterm preparation 2022 essential topics, questions an overview of the paper.


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CS301 Midterms paper today 

Mcqs 18 (every chap 1 to 20)

Short questions 3 

1) push and pop method of stack. 

2) output of a program 

3) operations of binary tree any 3 

Long questions 

1) public class of circular list 

2) write a program to give the output of odd numbers from 1 to 99 using recursive function.

Paper Cs301 

Mcqs kuch past papers mn sy thy baqi handouts

Baqi ik question programming k tha programing code likhhn thy 

Ik question tree links diagram s related tha

Ik question removal elements s realted tha ik aur tha simple s definition thy rescuration s related

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Total Questions 23 (39 marks)

18 MCQs of 1 (Mark)

1 Which structure uses FIFO?

1 Which structure uses LIFO?

1 Which linked list given below is correct after inserting a new value?

1*A node can have a maximum of ___ nodes.

2*Two MCQs related to stack

2*Two MCQs related to queue

1*Preorder traversal (binary tree was given)

1*In a complete binary tree the bottom level is filled from____.

2*Two MCQs related to heap

1* Minimum operands needed to perform a postfix expression?

2*Two MCQs related to linear and nonlinear data type.

3*Three MCQs were conceptual.

2 Questions of (3 Marks)

Write the pseudo-code for the (next) operator.

Write all the cases of binary tree rotation.


1-Examples of Priority Queues (5 marks)

2-Define clear(), insert (x, ?), Update (x,  ?), Remove(x), find(x) - (5 marks)

3-code for isEmpty() and isFull()

Today my cs301 paper

Paper easy hi tha agr ap ka concept har chez ma clear ho gy tu paper easy ho jay ga 

23 total questions

19 mcqs 

3 questions 3 marks ka 

And 2 questions 5 marks ka

Linked list ,Stack,Array ,Queue ,Binary search tree ,Avl tree ,,Complete binary tree ,Pre-order ,,Post- order 

Ya bs topic ma hi pura paper Mcqs bi short bi or long bi 

Aak long ma 

ma AVL tree ko balance karna tha 

Dosra ma

tree given tha us ko pre-oreder or post-order batny tha


18 mcqs 

3 question 3 marks

2 question 5 marks

 Short mn aik table aya tha us ky orders likhny thy or priority queue k 3 basic operation btany thy or 

 long mn aik link list draw krna tha or

Or aik question ka btana tha k yh bst solution thik ha ya ghlt agr ghlt ha tu thik likhai


Mcqs approx. from moaaz and waqar.

Some were conceptual but easy.

Q1 Diff bw bst and avl

Q2 Find error (reference variable)

Q3 Output of an arry

Q4 Output of a queue

My today's Cs301 paper

Mostly Mcqs were from past paper and some conceptual.

Question 1

Give an example of real world and operating system Queue say related tha ye question.

Question 2

Right skewed/substrate given thi aur uska AVL tree draw krna tha.

Question 3 

Linked list say related tha.

cs301 ka paper

kuch mcqs past sa thy kuch conceptual.

theory ma 2 table aye thy..

ek 3 numbr ka or 1 5 number ka..

3 number waly ma node remove krni thi bss tree sa..

5 number waly ma banana tha tree..

1 get() function ka kam pocha tha or example mangi thi..

or ek long na infix to postfix krna tha alogrithm ka code tha osko dehk kr..

last one ma stack ko tablur table ma lihkna tha..

AVL 🌲 

Pseudo code

Push pop

Infix postfix prefix

Ya wlly concepts clear kr k jyn.. 

Or mcqs mostly past papers sy aayn hn ...


Q: identify leaf node Åńđ non leaf node in Binary search tree ?

Q: Convert infix into postfix??? 

Q:Code of recursive function  x if value is 3... 

Binary search tree wala ik

Cs301 today paper

BST de hui thi AVL mein convert krna tha

Numbers diye huy thy BST bnani thi

Three data structures ko brief krna tha

Aik code diya hua tha usmein Kuch coding miss thi usko fill krky binary tree bnana tha

Aik code ky error find krny thy or binary tree bnana tha

Baqi 4,5 mcqs repeated thy or baqi sb new

My paper cs301 today 

Mcqs Moazz file say 

Stack ۔۔۔



Depth find 



Correct answer from the following 3 ya 4 mcqs thy


Output of the program  org vale = orgval - 2 

Previous value bhi given thi 20 

Asa tha question 


Construct BST from the following given data

And if delete 22 then what value take it's place

left to right 

BST construct from given data

C++ Code for double link list


 Aik tha linklist wala binary tree bnanh tha and aik avl tree complete krna tha

Aik tha ka pop() code.likhna tha

Avl ka 3 operation

Link list queue bst avl ur postfix main sy paper tha... 23 question thy total....18 mcqs....Or 5 short question


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