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CS411 Current Midterm Papers 2022

Are you looking for CS411 Current Midterm Paper 2022? If yes, then you visit the right site. Here are CS411 Current Papers 2022. CS411 Midterm Past Papers 2022.


Students must prepare these cs411 midterm current papers in 2022. Also, it can give cs411 midterm preparation 2022 essential topics, questions an overview of the paper.

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Today my paper Cs411 

mostly MCQs in Waqar file and highlighted handouts

write xaml code to create a button in a canvas with attributes left=0 right =0left =0 bottom =0

different between event consumer and event procedure 

2 Question coding di gai thi uski output btanai thi 

1 question list of options di gai thi jismasy computer program and time interrupt find karna tha

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Cs411 paper 

Some Mcq's from past paper

Subjective are conceptual

1. write XML code in grid splitter 3 column to apply rotation in second

2..types of constructor

3... Explain delegate declare and call delegate

4...purpose of Event-driven architecture

5...anonymous method...

Declare and call.

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cs411 my paper.

1. Destructor ki return type.

2. Iostream q use krty or iska syntax.

3. Xml button rotation ho pr Pura btn ni bs btn ka text rotate ho ye likhna tha.

4. Enum or c# me attributes the Kisi chiz k with example.

MCQ's 4 se 5 past se baki conceptual.

CS 411

McQ's past papers m sy aaey.

Attached property in WPF

Keyboard event 

Xml m code write kea huwa tha usy C# m write krna tha.

1 C# ka code tha uski output btani the.

Cs411 today my paper

MCQS 5 to 6 past file sy Baki conceptual 

Short question

What is visual tree different in logical tree?

If code line "Directly. Delete(testdir) delete to only empty directly. So what code is use to delete non-empty directly.


Describe dynamic 5 button in stackpanel and the third button name is "mybutton3".

Find the error in code 

Int [] data={1,2,3 "virtual" 4,5,6}


 Foreach=(int data the number)



Float []= data;

Numbers [-1] = 2;

Numbers [1] = 0.6f;

Numbers [2] = 3;

For( int=i; i<3; i++)



int a=3;

Double b=a;



in this C# code write into XAML code.

Stackpanel stackpanel;

The.Content= new button;

Button new button;

Button height=50;

Button weight=80;

System.console.read(new button);

 Best of luck

Today my CS411

Some MCQS from Current MCQS file 

XML me code Bnana tha girid ko Ko use Kar ke

Features of C#

Button ka code Dia  hoa thaa Jis me just button ka background color 

Change krna tha


Create a 5 buttons using stack Panel.

Write the code to express some value in Double Quotes.

Write the code to declare and call Anonymous method

Differentiate between real time and runtime event handler

Mcq 7 8 past file

Short Questions

Return type of destructed?

Ek code Ki output likhni thei

Identity real event base and computer event base   

Give list

Order place

Phone ring

Read newspaper


Ek create button  xaml code dock with label?


1. Every ____ is represented by an event-object.




 Event page10

2. Which statement is True about interfaces?

 An interface can contain only methods, variables, events, and indexers.

An interface can contain only variables, properties, events, and indexers.

An interface can contain only methods, properties, variables, and indexers.

An interface can contain only methods, properties, events, and indexers. Page 40

3. Which one is the correct syntax for declaring attribute?

[Obsolete] page 48




4. An "object" element can have ___ type/s of children.


Three Page 73



5_____ allows to keep the user interface description and implementation separate.

CS411 Current Paper


1) what is the concept of repainting in GDI 2 marks

2)  identify the participants of Event driver programming and request-response Architecture 3 marks

3) write code for make. Some objects read Only file using c# 5 marks

4)  identify system event and real-time event? 5 marks

5) using rich composition of WPf, write code to add image In the Button 5 marks



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