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CS601 Current Midterm Papers 2022

Are you looking for CS601 Current Midterm Paper 2022? If yes, then you visit the right site. Here are CS601 Current Papers 2022. CS601 Midterm Past Papers 2022.


Students must prepare these cs601 midterm current papers in 2022. Also, it can give cs601 midterm preparation 2022 essential topics, questions an overview of the paper.

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Today Cs601 paper

1 Data Communication components 5 aya ta.. 5 numb ka

2 multiplexing techniques suggestion btni te.

3.fabier optic. 

Switches ke types.

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CS601 Midterm MCQs Solved

Cs601 today's paper


Mostly mcqs depends on switches, types, coaxial cable, buses, Tcp/Ip, signals sy related tay.. 


Q1:  30mw of the noise 1uw, find the formulas of SNR and SNRB? 

Q2: 100 computers sy related ta, jisy mesh topology sy find kerna ta.. 

Q3: Switches convert 'n' to 'm'

i:  Cross point

ii: bar point

Ye question switches types or formulas sy find kerna ta..

Q4: scenario ta jis me WhatsApp messager sy related ta. 

Q5: analog or digital signals me diagram te, jis me value or time batana ta or discuss the diagram with the help of these signals

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Mid Term exam Subjective Questions Part

Q: Consider a communication scenario over the internet in which data is transmitted between two stations. Answer the following questions in this scenario:(5M)

a) State the name of the layer which is responsible for the end to end delivery of data in TCP/IP.

b) State the name of the protocol which is responsible for connection-oriented communication.

Q: Suppose there are five channels, each with a 100-kHz bandwidth that is multiplexed using FDM. You are required to calculate the minimum bandwidth of the link if there is a need for a guard band of 20 kHz?

Note: Show each step of calculation and write the answer with its correct unit.


MCQs from Handouts

(1):PCM ke three types 3 marks

(2):Synchronous ki subtype identify krni thi 5 marks

(3):Transport layer se ek Q tha 5 marks

(4): switching se tha 3 marks

(5): TDM  se hi 3 marks ka ek or tha yad nhi

Today My Cs601 Paper

Paper Bht Easy tha

Mcqs the Almost Quiz file me se Thee

2 Short Question thee

3 Long Th

Short Question

1. Types of Topology Likhni thii ik ye tha

Dosra Question tha

If You Sending a Message on WhatsApp to Your Friend

Write A Method of Switching Devices on this Scenario very easy Question

Osk bad Long Question

Ik Long tha You Know That Data Communication Transmitted Data Between Computer's Write 5 Component of Data Communication?

Easy Question

Baki 2 Long Thee Numerical Walle

today cs601 paper 

- MCQ's Conceptual 

-Suppose A & B are communication via internet.


Each layer of communication carried out via different protocols. 

mention the name of communication category.

- Draw persuade coding scheme for follow bit pattern (011000)

- Formula to find cross points in communication bar switch.ya jo formula hai ya 100 topic k agay ya pachay hoga 

- Mesh topology wala question (5 marks) 

100 computer connect hai tu find kero mesh

{ye formula sy hna tha n(n-1)/2  links find krny thy r nodes b btany thy..}

- Ak r question tha bandwidth ka formula ka wo yd ni..

30mw OR 1microwwatt Dia howa tha SNR or SNRdm find kerna tha 

Cs601 Paper done.

Total MCQ: 18 & Mostly files mai se he aye.. 

 questions: 5 aye jis mai 

( 2 question 3 3 Marks & 3 question 5 5 marks ) k aye..

  3 questions mai names pooche...

1st: communication Assumption de kr 2 person ki... us mai communication parts k names pooche.. ( 3 Marks )

2nd: Transmission categories k names Pooche... ( 3 Marks )

3rd: Assumption de kar 2 persons mai un mai file sharing protocols pooche.. TCP/IP Protocols...

4th: 6 bits & 11000 frames. Calculate  krna tha kuch 

5th: Assumption Multiplex k related thi or us mai kuch question show kar k multiplex strategies k names pooche huay thay.. ( 5 Marks ) 

Note: Assumption means k reasons type questions deay thay like…


Q1: diagram thi... Define krni thi...

Q2: In the context of time division multiplexing which type of time multiplexing will be used for the following input lines....

Q3: numerical

Q4: define space division switch and its types along with their formulas

Q5: scenario is given we have to define. The layers in the given scenario.

1. Wireless transmission can be divided into ____ broad groups. CS601

2. When an antenna transmits radio waves, they are propagated in ____. CS601

3. A twisted pair cable consists of ______conductors. CS601

4. Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) is the combination of ___ and _____. CS601

5. ______ is a type of serial transmission in which timing of Signal is unimportant as information received is agreed upon certain agreements between sender and receiver.

6. Manchester encoding scheme achieves the same level of synchronization as______. CS601

7. We quantize the sampling output into certain levels based on range of _____ and required accuracy. CS601

8. ____ is a multiplexing technique which shifts each signal to a different carrier frequency. CS601

Today cs601 paper

All mcqs 17 from ppt slides

Short question

1)Define bandwidth measure two type?

2)define TCP/IP layer name?

3)Which connection is use for oral communication b explain?

4) bipolar ki diagram bni hui thi os ki working ko define krna tha?

5)Define switch and their types? 

6)In internet connection

Two devices connected we add a additional connection which additional connection is suitable for this communication?


ka ppr tha jiss mn 18 mcqs 3 long and 2 short question aye thy 

long 2 numerical problems and ek datacommunication  

and its components short topologies and nodes link etc definitions thi



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