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CS614 Current Midterm Papers 2022

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Mcqs easy thay, mostly Moaaz and Waqar file se, same to kam hi aaye thay lekin easy conceptual thy

Two statements related to OTLP and DWH, tell they are correct or incorrect write reason

1 table tha us mein dimensions, facts and primary keys


2 pics thi in k schema k name batane thay, 1 star schema tha aur ek snowflake schema

Two statements thi jin mein se 1 one to many transformation thi aur 1 one to one, unka batana tha

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Total 23 questions

18 mcqs

Q. 1 identify dimensions and fact? 5 marks 

Q.2 true/ false about 'data' 5 marks 

Q.3 aik statement ' OLTP' ki thi jis ma btana tha ya correct ha ya nhi r explain krna tha answer... 3 marks 

Q.4.  2 statements thien OLTP r DWH ki jis ma btana tha ya correct ha ya nhi r explain krna tha answer.. 3 marks

Today paper of cs614 

Orrs law 5 marks ka tha

Identify facts and dimensions 5 marks ka

Two examples of business in which yield is  used 5marks

Anomilis mn sy 3 marks ka tha

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CS614 paper

Paper conceptual tha but Acha ho gya 

Mcqs bht Kam repeat Hoy past paper sy 

Subjective me zyda tar definition thi and Ek bat ap Sab yad rkhna implementation technique bht zyda ati 

long questions answer 

Q1. Write name of LOAP implementation technique 

Q2. Write the implementation technique of quality' video validation 

Q3. Write the factor of DWH data information knowledge and intelligence 

Short questions Answer

Q1. Write two applications of wisdom

Q2. Demential table sy tha ek

Cs614 Midterm 

Today Paper 12-01-2022


Mostly Mcqs were from past paper Moaaz and screenshot file


_ 3 marks = two statements were given you have to select the fundamental approach_

3 marks Statement were given you need to find the splitting technique and pre-joining technique

_ 5 marks table were given you have to write the correct names against each columns_

_ A big scenario were given and 5 statement were given you have to explain each of them i don't know much about this question_


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