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ENG101 Current Midterm Papers 2022

Are you looking for ENG101 Current Midterm Papers 2022? If yes, then you visit the right site. Here are ENG101 Current Papers 2022. ENG101 Midterm Past Papers 2022.


Students must prepare these eng101 midterm current papers in 2022. Also, it can give eng101 midterm preparation 2022 essential topics, questions an overview of the paper.


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MCQ's new thy past paper Sy nhi thy mostly conceptual.

Grammar or synonyms.

Long main:

 main idea

True/false from handouts.

Short main:

What is connectives?

What is Metaphorical language? With example.


Grammatical MCQS (some as quizzes)

Correct forms of verb

Correct spellings

True false from comprehension


Sentence correction

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Q26) Cloze and its types(5marks)

Q25) Main idea flashlight wala tha(5marks)

Q24) Appropriate lgana tha sentence me.(3marks)



Q23) true false:fact or opinion ki def thi(2marks)

Q22) independent,independence,independently(3marks)

21 MCQs 

Mostly fill in the blanks waly mean k is sentence me konsa word fit ho ga...or ek correct spellings(inoculation)tha 2_3grammar k kuch handouts mese thy.

Or han ek or questiona tha prefix "il" se 2 word bnany thy

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Today is my ppr.

Ppr Name: Eng101

Total 17 Questions.

Mcqs 10 thy.

Sub grammar base or conceptional thy bht asaan thy.

Questions 7 thy.

1. Active passive do sentence.

2. 5 sentence thy jismy correct and incorrect btany thy.

3. Aik sentence tha jismy Comma sahi jagah btana tha.

4. Two defination thy apny traf sy likh diya.

5. Do sentence thy jismy pronoun ko sahy likhna tha.

6. Do sentence thy jismy verb ky jagah Possisive Verb use kerna tha.

7. Do sentence thy jismy is or are ko sahi jagah istemaal kerna tha.

I've done eng101 paper 

don't worry it was not much difficult. 

So here are some things regarding my today paper.

2 Marks question:

What is an adverb?

3 Marks question:

Related to time Relaters

5 Marks question was:

Making comparisons like Zee is more skilled than Aly something like that

Eng 101

What is the difference between the abbreviation i.e., and e.g.

What is the difference between abbreviations and acronyms?

What is a fact?

What is an opinion?

What is imaginative writing?

Whish are the three common purposes of communication?

Which factors show that your reading comprehension is not good?

Which things should be kept in mind while reading?

What is practical writing?

What does "making inferences" mean?

What is skimming?

What is a prefix, stem and suffix?

What is scanning?

What is a synonym?

What is an antonym?

How many letters are there of English alphabets?

What is a phoneme?

What are vowels?

How are phonemic symbols shown in a dictionary?

What is a dipthong vowel?

What is a consonant sound?

What is stress?

Eng101 Time 2:30

1.Define Skimming and Scanning

2.Underline the adverbs

3.Write two words starting from il prefix

4.Aik paragraph jis ka main idea write krna tha

Mcqs from handout

ENG101 Current Paper 

Kuch mcqs moaz ki file mn sy thy or baki 10grammar waly thy

5mrks question

aik main idea wala tha or aik cause/effect wala tha

3mrks qstions

synonms of zithe or enchant

true statemnt btani thi

expressive,express,expression wali blank the....

Today my eng101 paper:

MCQ's all of grammar, synonym, antonym, 1 spelling, 1prefix

Short Questions:

1- Antonyms of buy & dangerous.

2- Underline main idea on a given paragraph.

3- Name 3 dictionaries of. Regular consultation.


1- Indicate False & True from given statements (paragraph was not given, statements based on concept of finding main topic)

2- difference between skimming and scanning

Eng101 today paper...

Antonym of best and selfish

Active voice r passive voice btana tha.. Simple negative present tense bnane the.. joining words underline krne the..

Mcqs past paper main se ni the...tenses hi the ziada

Today Eng101 midterm paper

McQ:   ma synonym,  correct spelling , Tences, kuch general mcq, most mcqs from grammer

subject part ma:  

 1. Idioms

 2.Main idea 

 3. Form of verb 

Today's ENG101 paper.

All mcqs were about grammer, synonyms and general information.


To tell whether sentences are facts or opinions.

 Provide 3 synonyms for "fantastic".

There was given passage about democracy, question was to choose main idea of the passage from 3 given options.

True/false about situational irony.

What is topic sentence.

Today eng 101.                                            

Why is it important to understand the writers point of view.? 5 marks.

Tell whether the sentences are 

1. Compound

2. Complex 

3. Compound complex 

5 marks.

Fill in the blank with appropriate word. 




3 marks.


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