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ENG507 Current Midterm Papers 2022

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Today's paper English 507 

MCQs some from the files and mostly handouts


 characteristics of phoneme define phonetics   

 lax vowel

 Explain coarticulation


Total 20 MCQs 




1.2 allophones words of t btany thy.

2. convert krna tha words diay thy .

3. Consonant sounds u i ae k 2 words likny thy.

4. IPA defination.

5. Tap and flap 5 marks

6. Nasalization 5 marks

Overall MCQs handout se thy..

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Mcqs kuch files ma sa th bht easy

1.define vowel e.g short aur long vowel

2.segmental phonetics


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Midterm Eng507

Total questions= 26

Objectives= 20


2 marks 2 questions 

3 marks 2 questions 

5 marks 2 questions 

Q- Aspired sounds

Q- Three features of suprasegmental

Q- Three degrees of lexical stress names

Q- narrow transcription 

Q- Suprasegmental (5 marks)


Eng507 paper 

Mcqs from handouts and very easy

Articulators (2 mark)

What is value of unaspirated voiceless sounds in VOT? (2 mark)

Write Peter ladefoged three areas of experimental phonetic.3 mark

Tap and flap 5 mark

Brief note on aspiration occur in plosive sounds? 5 marks


MCQS 10 files ma sy Some from Handouts and Conceptual 


•Sub-types of Phonology(2Marks) 


•CONSONANTS ka bht ajeeb question tha (3marks) 

•Dorsal, cordial, labial diffrence (3marks) 

•Plosive and nasal consonant brief note (5marks) 

•Rhotic accent note(5marks)

Ppr eng507 

 Time 2:30 

 Some Mcqs from files

1. Vowel and one example short and long vowel '3

2. Kuch form thi on simple form ma likna tha 3

3.what type of language syllabus length (long or less)  2 

4. List five generative phonology by chomsky and Halle 

5. Differentiate between falling and rising of diphthongs

Eng 507 today paper

VOT definition.3 marks  

Difference between Positive Aor negtiy Vote.5marks 

Totally easily tha paper McQs buhat easily thy past paper sy 5/6 aay thy Aor…

Paper eng507

20 mcqs from hand outs and 20 marks ka subjective

2 q 2 2 marks k easy thy 

Or 1 q 3 marks ka and 2 q  5 5 marks k 


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